What size flanelette should be used with the SA80 A2?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by greengoblin, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. I heard it had changed recently?
  2. Until somebody invents perforated rolls of flanelette, it's still going to be whatever size tears off.
  3. 100mm x 100mm
  4. *
    WAH deflector on*

    unless they've changed the size of the barrel I very much doubt it.
  5. WAHmour 45x45mm

    I saw some lad with far too much time with his hands and had cut about 50pieces with his gerber.All very pretty!
  6. ISTR that when the SA80 first came out flanelette came pre-cut in little squares
  7. Fcukin greatcoat size
  8. didnt matter what size, i still got it stuck.
  9. Still had mongs get 45x45 stuck. Stupid beggars didn't spread it out.

    Wasn't the DS answer " No greater than 45mmx45mm"
  10. Was it bad to watch some halfwit tear off what essentially was half a blanket then laugh when attempting to pull thru' it jammed in his barrel, it was even a bigger hoot when the pull thru' snapped. I apologise...
  11. Absolutely correct!
  12. back in the days... it used to be 2X4
  13. 45mm by whatever you fancy the length doesnt matter only the width (not the DS solution).
  14. Which raises a further and related question...

    In the days of the good old trusty SLR, you cleaned with 4" x 2" but oiled with 4" x 11/2". So why is there no allowance for the swelling of the flanelette caused by the oil when cleaning the SA80?
  15. Change in oil?
    Change in flannelette?
    The realisation that they had been enforcing entirely pointless rules for however long, and the expansion is minimal (otherwise you would have to use 4 x 1.5 whenever it was raining, wouldn't you)?