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I should be doing presentaions and sorting out last minute paperwork, but hey, I've not got a life so it doesn't matter!

Many thanks


I should be drinking, then sleeping.

Instead I am stagging on. Oh the joy!
i should be doing my tax returns, packing and sorting out my stuff to move out of London in 2 weeks but i haven't even started yet, and now that we have arrsonia iam on here for even longer. :wink:


I should be working (in a sales office) but as we aren't particularly busy, the boss is away and we are about to be taken over anyway, what the feck, I'm "staggin on" here.
I was just looking for "throwing yourself around your room" as an option and couldn't find it. What is going on?
You can vote for "other" and add your disgusting comment - ergh, can't get the image out of my head!!
Should be having a Sunday dinner! But couldn't be arsed to make the bastard so bacon butties!
I should be putting sunday dinner on. Making lunch, controlling the kids, looking after the crip.

BUT no I'm reading posts, keeping one eye on arsseonia!! :oops:


Book Reviewer
well, having posted them my Mod F 90 on Saturday, I should be phoning Parcelforce to come and collect the alleged £500 worth of kit I spent some time digging out of the attic and various cupboards at the weekend, in response to a terse threatening letter from QM 5 Trg regt......

Tell you what RQ, you can have my helmet and rezzy, mess tins, 3 brown Tees and used sweat rags back in return for my OP TELIC MEDAL..........

( but not the PT shorts 'cos they fell apart after my third marathon....and WTF is 7340-99-1274265 Fork, table anyway ??? )

Lee Shaver
should be getting very drunk instead of reading shite on here posted by people like gtd who always says he has things better to do,but i do not think he has,he lies like a cheap naafi watch methinks
Stop being under the thumb. Poof. :D
I should be writing OJARs and CRs for people who have worked form me for the last three years doing exactly the same job to exactly the standard. Oh how I wish I hadn’t deleted last years’ reports. I didn't join to do this.
Should be sorting out similar presentation style thingys as you GBTD... but decided that i dont get paid enough so i just photocopied the last one and left it on your desk so you can edit it all you want, if you ever drag yourself away from arrse.
I should mostly be visiting some sh1thole of an establishment in Nigeria but would rather stay in the airconditioned hotel watching the BBfcukingC world news again.......mines a double brandy and coke, cheers.
lawstudent said:
i should be reading , but my leg is driving me crazy no pain killers what can i do
Smoke some ganja you fcuking troll.

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