What should we send CR for Xmas?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Legoman, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. It's nearly that time of year when we get on to the Xmas box subject. As we know CR is skiving it somewhere, saying he is snowed under with work, but realistically he is stuffing doughnuts! So should we send CR a Xmas box, and if so, what should we put in it?
  2. a new wank sock? :D
  3. Slimfast?

  4. Mmmmm, nice with chips!!!!!
  5. In corps colours!
  6. oh you're still alive then? please have winston out of the house before i come back on R&R :)

    i have no idea what that link is because the firewall* won't let me access it.

    (*i was gonna type "the gateway won't let me through", just to give you all the opportunity for some cheap fat jokes :) )
  7. Wrapped by Perevodchik and personally delivered by Hibs_Bez
  8. Alright darling...long time no see. :?
  9. That sounds like a good start to a Dear John letter. Maybe CR is gonna get all his clothes sent out to him, cut in half.
  10. then they would fit a normal person :)
  11. I would rather ask the question where should we send CR for Xmas.
  12. HOME!!!
  13. I hope this is your Sunday off.
  14. i don't really get days off out here. but as i'm kinda my own boss, i've just gone ahead - then had stern words with myself about posting hours :)