what should we do?

Kick up a stink. However, if your Pl Cmd/OC can't be arsed to write your CR, then even by kicking up a fuss, He/She probably won't do you any justice anyway. I dare say that the Golden Balls in your unit will have had their CR written and sat on the CO's desk for several months.

Different kettle of fish when it comes to their(Officers) OJar's though. But then again, most of those feckers know to the date when they are going to get their next pip.

Good Luck, and don't take no for an answer.
Have you had a MYAR? Looks like you should redress. However speak to your Desk Officer at the APC or one of the staff as the ywill be chasing up missing reports until the day of the board. (Phone numbers on ArmyNet). If your report does not make it to the APC on time you could still be run to a sweep up board. Sounds like Adjt and RAOWO need a rocket too! PM if you want more.
APSED said:
Apparently our CR's got to the board, they were faxed through on the second day the board sat. Nobody has seen their CR's though, let alone signed them.
Signing your CR doesn't mean that you agree with it, it just means that you've seen it. But obviously that isn't a rubber stamp for you not seeing it and/or it being late.

As I posted earlier, it sounds like your CoC are possibly being cnuts. So you should speak to your PL/TP Comd and demand and answer.
I presume that your C/R's are now done by SJAR on JPA? If so, you need to ensure that you have filled in your bits in good time. Your unit HR staff should then be chasing the 1st RO's etc. If not, badger your SJAR Clerk. The ONLY good thing about JPA is that it is quite clear to everyone in the correct chain, where your report is, and who is delaying it!

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