What should we be stockpiling?

Puns about things that will be supposedly in short supply incorporating the word ‘Continental’ e.g. breakfasts, tyres, quilts etc.
Potatoes, lots and lots of potatoes.
So when the chips are down we can just make some more.
And there's some sort of clever insult there to annoy the Micks but I cant be bothered looking for it.
We are going to need tea too - shit loads of it. Its the only thing to put a bit of firmness back in the old upper lip. I've been saying for years that all this coffee is no good for us.
There's a quantity of it in Boston Harbor that is eligible for repossession due to non-payment of taxes to HMG.
Nothing. If it all goes to ratshit you can always go all Sawney Bean for the protein and nick their goodies as they simmer gently in a cauldron.
Scotch - if only a country inside the United Kingdom could make it.
I had a case of scotch stashed under the stairs. The prediction is that in the post armageddon Britain, cash will have no value, thus quality booze can be used for all sorts of things, to raise morale, light fires, be bartered for other goods.The list goes on.

It will be the WD40 of the new economy.

Sadly the plan has come to naught as my taste for Laphroig has overcome my ability to plan for the future.

Back to Majestic Wine it is then.

Gout Man

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Bring back rationing. We are a nation of fat bastards any way according to the government. Do this do not do that, eat this and not that, drink less of that, interfering bastards.
Well just go the whole hog then and start printing them books.
(That’s if we have the paper and ink).
rochefort 10.jpg

I'm building a house with these bricks, it's not stockpiling.
I’ve been stockpiling essentials ever since there was the possibility of Corbyn becoming PM.
Snow .... Snow .... and more Snow ,,, come Brexit there will be a UK shortage ... especially in the deep South .
Snow .... Snow .... and more Snow ,,, come Brexit there will be a UK shortage ... especially in the deep South .
By 'deep south' do you mean Alabama or the Kielder Forest?
Jerrycans. Lots and lots of them. Hoard the World's supply of Jerrycans and then see how they like them apples.
We could add a flavoured powered ingredient say orange or lemon and give it a memorable name.....

Like "Screech"?

Tippy tapping from my S8.
Or have two versions depending on which side you are on "remain screeching" with a EU flag on and "Brexit Screeching" with a union flag on. We may need two websites though but they could be kept in the same distribution centre as long as we ensure that the right box goes to the right address or there could be a lot of screeching.
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