What should the Country do for ex-servicemen/women?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by HampshireScouse, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. I am a politician with UKIP and I was talking to a guy I work with (ex-army) over xmas and he was telling me about the problems that people encounter on leaving the services. It set me to wondering what service people feel should be available to help them when they leave and what is not done now.
    I know politicians are not entirely flavour of the day here (and nor should we be) but I would appreciate it if some of you ARRSErs could give me a heads up on how you see things and what you have to suggest. I am not ex-military so I don't really know the score.

    I am not completely optimistic that we will be forming the next government :wink: but if we can put these issues in the public mind then it may just help.

    Feel free to tell me what you think is needed (as if you would hold back 8O ) and also feel free to ask any questions on UKIP and our policies that come to mind.

    Fire away.

    BTW. I have cleared this with site admin.
  2. It should do the same for ex-service as it should for all. Apart from paying my pension when I leave I don't want any special treatment just because of the job I did-after all I volounteered to do it and could have left at any time. Just sort out the public services so I and everone else has access to those services that we/they need.
  3. Wait till i get back off the lash and ill tell ya
  4. The resettlement package amount is scandulous. £535 per serviceman for 22 years service. Liarbour put the spin and that you claim thousands through Enhanced Learning Credits, BUT only if you signed for it - and not all did, therefore, not all qualify and have been rammed right up the arsse.

    Therefore I wil be paying for it out my own pocket. The resttlement amount has not changed for years. I think if you have given your service to queen and country its about time YOU should get a decent service returning back to civilan life. I gave 9 years of my time and got out, got really depressed as I had little or no support or work, so i had no choice to go back in. There was lack of work where i ressettled.

    The MOD should look at rehabilititing thier soldiers more - because this will aid them in NOT being homeless and not being addicts etc. Its disgraceful that soldiers who fought and given thier service and treated like casulties on a civilian battlefield afterwards. Ongoing help should continue to ensure a service person has settled on in life. Its a massive change as I found out.

    A schoolchild friend of mine who was a PARA in my hometown and I saw him sleeping under a tunnel with one blanket. When he spoke to me he said was to ashamed to walk back in to the carrers office and sign up, as he was worried what he looked like and that he had no abode. I gave all the money I had on me the time. I havent seen him since, he could be dead for all I know. Its wrong and one part of the larger tragic picture.
  5. Have you already left?
    If so, did you have problems getting access to those services when you left?
  6. 1/ Funding for higher education on completion of contract.
    2/ MOD90/ID card with "retired" on it so as to use military facilities such as the NAAFI and Gym on completion of contract.
    3/ Social housing available on completion of contract.
    4/ Life time specialist health-care available on completion of contract.
    5/ Pension to be tax free.
    For "completion of contract" I believe 12 years to be appropriate. but not hung up on time
  7. Why should the pension be tax free, nobosy else has that privledge
  8. Whats a "nobosy" plum!!!!!
  9. nobody else faces being killed or maimed for the state/crown.
  10. Most Service Personnel would just probably like to know that the Government is actually supporting them, and not just 'Talking-the-Talk, without, Walking-the Walk'.

    A prime example of this was highlighted by the fact that it took a news paper's national campaign to force the Government to pay proper compensation for injured and ill personnel.

    Without question or quiver, service personnel do what is right every day, so why didn't the Government do what was right without having to be coerced by the media and public opinion?

    Ressetlement is pathetic and is largely based around handing over a measly amount of money to a certain organisation that runs courses of little or no value. All service personell should be given the last 6 months of a 22 year, or longer, career to their own devices so as to be able to settle back into some sort of normal life whilst retraining for their next career.
  11. Not left yet, but I work adjacent to the Resettlement world so I see the problems that leavers do have getting access to simple things like dentists etc
  12. Not left yet, but I work adjacent to the Resettlement world so I see the problems that leavers do have getting access to simple things like dentists etc
  13. I've been thinned out by several ofl the Dentist's that I've tried to register with, and I'm now sitting in a 2 year queue for treatment.
  14. Face it lads the only people who are going to helps us is ourselves helping each other(if you know what I mean lol)any body outside the Forces family or with no experince of the forces havent got a clue and therefore dont want to know us.They are quite happy seen us go overseas to fight wars just so they can have the privalige to comment from their arm chairs while watching Sky news or CNN. The only time the govement cares about us is when it is round election time and they want our votes,any other time they dont give a damm and their speechs of support and well done are empty and worth less .
  15. Sorry to butt in, I'm out in 11 months, the resettlement so far has been toffee.

    I do not appreciate fuckwits telling me how to get a mortgage and a house when I already have one. Nor do I enjoy listening to some cunt spark on about how to get a job, when the thick cunt has never been in the Army. CV? I'll show you CV.