What should i take to herrick

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cam_up, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. This is my first tour i go in march,

    i'm not sure what to take,



    s*** like that,


    warrior chest rig

    what do you think what does every one else take?

  2. A rifle and lots of ammunition.
  3. Yea i guessed that no seriously aparantly comfort boxes going jan 16th but its 1 between 4
  4. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Apparently books are good to take, you can pick up fairly decent ones for dirt cheap in library sales, and you'll probably end up leaving them there for the next bunch of people..
  5. you can take my ex wife and leave the cnut there
  6. A fleshlight might come in handy.

    http://www.adameve.com/Adult-Sex-Toys/Male-Masturbators/sp-fleshlight-2521.aspx?sc=SEMPIB&cm_mmc=PIB-_-Sex%20Toys-_-Masturbators-_-fleshlight 9(Edit, probably NSFW)

  7. Probably one you should keep well away from the pouches useful field items go in ^

    Deck of cards and learning a few games you can play solo or with others might be a useful way of passing the time when the PSP batteries run out...
  8. what else wat do you take with you to the FOB and that
  9. There's a sticky entitled "Kit to buy for an Op Tour" above...
  10. Something from these people that charges whatever electrical kit you are taking.


    But if you'll be in KAF, Bastion or Lash you can get stuff from the PX/NAAFI, even solar chargers.
  11. A pair of crocs type thingamies as they are much easier to run from the shower when the shite hits the fan than a pair of flip flops.

    Lip salve, lips go to crap and they dry up quick.

    Spare glasses if you use them - contacts are useless with the dust.
  12. Disguised porno
  13. For a FOB/MOG deployment, I would recommend the following, I have one and it is gleaming (buy from the US, get it for about £100)
    TRX Forces Trainer (all purpose gym)

    Go onto the website for full intro with film etc.
  14. what do people think webbing, pouches on osprey, or those warrior chest rigs