What should I start a thread on.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Am sat here, and want to start a thread for the sake of starting one.

    Ive got nowt to say, nothing of any interest, I've not got athletes foot, I've not got any sex lies to tell and I've no interesting or semi funny links to youtube, or any other dull sites I'm a member of.

    I am sat on Rolling round the floor laughing my arrse off wondering what music to brush my teeth to or whether to trim my moustache to an amusing shape.
  2. A tad bored are we?
  3. WAH

    Anti Wah hat on...... now off, now on again, now off..... Wah, Wah, Wah, Gwah, Walt, Mong.

    I've got nowt significant to add but i want to post, so i may come up with a little irony or made some inuendo.......brushing your teeth oooooooh bet you were....belm.

    What are the best types of pringles to eat at a funeral - make your list of savory snacks here......

    I once went to ATR Lichfiled, they have double yellow lines on the road but dont try to clean windows with a jam rolly polly.

    Hop Scotch.
  4. loolololoolololoolololololololoolol ROFLMAO you just posted for the sake of posting didn't you

    At least you've got something to say where as I haven't...... nothing in fact but I'm gonna post.

    I like posting nearly as much as Jam and etchasketches and double deckers and Bucks fizz and fizzy drinks and rice crispy cakes

    My nanna is coming for tea, but not staying over, she's not invited. that doesn't mean we don't love her though but theres not much room.
  5. There are two new speed bumps on Abbey Rd, no relevance but at least I've posted


    I've purposely not added smileys, that way I can post again in a moment

    After I've had an Orange club
  6. Whelk felching could be an amusing diversion.
  7. Why not start a thread on bulling boots? That's not been done before.

    EDIT: Then edit your original post! Great fun this (if you've had a lobotomy like what I have)
  8. Well i still reckon Batman will have Superman, But..who will win out of Me, Batman and Supermans.....CLONE! we will see.
  9. lololololololololol you're so funny, I'm a model you know, with big tit.ts.

    I havent got any pictures of birds I can pretend to be, so i might just cut and paste a list of email funnies my friend sent me.

    Once I've wrked out how to quote I'm gonna quote everything you say and post a laffing smiley after it.

    I heard the word dildo the other day..........dibble, Its raining here, I wonder if it it raining in Cleethorpes?

    I am a shore horn, but look at least I've posted.
  10. And then add a new post to add a smiley of some kind:

    :roll: :oops: :twisted: :x :? 8O 8) :( :D :) :lol: :cry: :wink: etc. et-bleedin-cetera
  11. :lol:
  12. You get tooth brushes that play music through your teeth now. Its McFly though.
  13. List your favourite bacon sandwhich fillings here.
  14. Hang yourself by the balls again MDN. You seemed to enjoy that from the photo.
  15. I'm a tricerotops....... will that stop me from signing up?