What should I say to my recruiter?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by David2008, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Help please,

    Last week I smoked alot of marijuana during a festival, I was as drunk as could be (if thats a valid excuse), but i got 4 weeks until phase 1, i dont want to get banned from the army for taking drugs when i swore to them i wouldnt, and i don't take drugs either. I want to get put onto another intake for phase 1 even if it takes another 9 months, plus im nowhere near as fit as i should be so I'd really like more time to prepare myself,

    So what should I say to my recruiter? Any sound advice appreciated, and I know this topic is open for a good flaming now, I am a complete wankstain for smoking it so don't worry I would agree with your criticism.

    Maybe if fivetodo is reading this you could help me better than most on here? Thanks.
  2. Its a shame they've disbanded the Kings Regiment. You'd have been promoted
  3. ha ha ha ha, idiot! Should have just fooking said no shouldn't you! Say nothing, if you do you wont be joining and if you dont you might get caught out in phase one, either way let that be a lesson you horrid individual.
  4. I guess i'll just say to him i don't feel im physically ready for it yet, I haven't done my oath yet so im not stuck in, but I'd say if i didnt turn up for my oath and tried joining again they would give me the finger.
  5. Let that be a lesson. Be something or be a cnut. right now, you're a cnut. A lot of time and effort has gone into your application, people have chased around trying to recruit you and you have treated them like shite. If you can't manage life without drugs, I suggest the Army is not for you so fcuk of to McDonalds.

    Or prove us all wrong. Choice is yours.
  6. So even with the deferrment for Phase 1, you still couldn't get to the required fitness plus smoking the Ganja, why waste their time ??
  7. Let someone else who deserves the place that has put the effort in, But i think you may well be lucky and it May not get detected!
  8. You can't do feck all mate...say nothing! if you get caught its your own fault and a lesson learnt.... :)
  9. Tell your recruiter, tell him now. then the Army can give the place to someone who deserves it.
  10. If youve done it before your oath it doesnt count , apparently. Clean slate and all that.

    You're still an eejit though.
  11. Do you get a permanent ban if found out on the first drugs test, or just a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again? fcukin dying to go in on august
  12. Google the Army's Core Values, then tell me what the one that begins with the letter 'I' means.
  13. Yeah my oath isnt until 4 weeks time, i smoked it about 2 weeks ago, i doubt 6 weeks is enough for it to get out of my system so hopefully what you said is right.
  14. Don't do drugs when you are in the Army. You're not in the Army right now. If you understand what I am saying I think you'll know what to do. If you do drugs after you join, you'll get caught and booted out. But they can't kick you out for something you did before. You don't start training for another month so as long as you don't do anything else again, I don't think you should worry (you'll get a CDT after about 6 weeks into your training).
  15. So let me get this right first of all you biffed basic training last time, a fact which didn't stop you offering "advice" on these forums, now a few weeks from starting ph1, you decide to consume a fair quantity of uncle Bob's finest herb and decide that your not fit enough!

    In summary your a cnut
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