What should I revise for Main Board Army general knowledge?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by P-Ride, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. Hey Chaps,

    My Main Board is this Tuesday - 48 hours time! I've been practising my speed/distance/time and have a few planning exercises to work through tonight and on Monday (I have the whole day off).

    What about this Army general knowledge test? I have a few friends who are soldiers and like to think I know more than the average Joe about the Army, although perhaps from a more anecdotal perspective than that of someone who has read the books on the history and evolution of the Army (that have been sitting on my bookshelf since Christmas!) that a slightly more sensible person would have already attacked?

    What kind of questions should I expect?

    Many Thanks!
  2. The general knowledge test from what I recall is so random from famous composers, authors to historical events and so on. Rather than try and revise for it do what everyone else will be doing and start flapping over the plan ex.
  3. Which, may I point out, many people have screwed up and still passed.
  4. RustyH: Ah, I thought there was a special 'Army Knowledge' test? Well, at least I can't revise for general - so can streamline on the other things to do! I have done one planning exercise, will do another tonight - and have all day off tomorrow in which to do at least two more. I have been practising speed/distance/time too.

    Ouyin: I'm surprised to hear that! I've heard of people struggling with various tests, but the one consistency I seem to have found in the chaps (limited number I have asked) that have passed Main Board is they claim to have done pretty well in their planning exercise (whether this means getting a perfect solution first time, or staying cuccumber-cool I don't quite know). I therefore assumed it was a real dealbreaker. Nonetheless, it's clearly important.

    At the end of the day, the only cure for my apprehension is to get stuck in and do Main Board!
  5. I was under the impression that there are three computer based tests; service knowledge, general knowledge and current affairs?

  6. Thats correct.

    As for the PLAN EX don't stress it prepare sensibly then get on with it, it's not a major drama. In mine I imagined an extra landrover from nowhere yet passed because if said landrover had existed it would have been a workable plan. All there looking for is the ability to use the process given and come up with a logical solution.
  7. Off to RMAS soon RustyH?

  8. Military Knowledge: Unsurprisingly, questions on the military. These will typically be orientated toward the Army. No surprises here.
    Current Affairs: This will range quite widely, and -may- include some questions on things like TV, sports, politics, other news, vaguely interesting articles picked up by whoever constructs the test.
    General Knowledge: Ranges from literature to God-Knows-What. Relax, you'll get some right and some wrong, but this is really not where you need to focus on.

    I would suggest going over the current affairs stuff rather than general knowledge - it'll help in the test, and also in your group discussions and your interviews.

    Have fun on the Board...I did, and I'm pretty sure that it's the only reason I managed to get through!
  9. One of the gen knowledge questsions was about the main export resource of a particular country that was seemingly random and had little to do with the UK. Also a particular land feature in a part of the usa (keeping it vague just in case the questions are still the same).

    So you're best to worry about plan ex and stuff you can actually manage - hope for the best. If you mong up the gen knowledge etc they'll just put you on PRMAS so don't wory.