What should i go for? Army start dates

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My application has took 9 months to get to assesment centre. I've been interested in mainly 4 roles over the last 8 months. I want to start basic quite soon soon so I want a quick start date.
Electronic technician
Light cavalry
Tank crewman
Gunner, unmanned aerial systems
I've been interested in all of these
Electronic tech has been my option since the start, but the training is long and I dont know if much traveling is involved.
Light cavalry seems like the most exciting role out of the 4, its just that I don't want to wait for a while to start basic.
Tank crewman, its in Rac like light cav, you seem to travel and quick start date but I haven't done as much research on this one.
Royal artillary, unmanned aerial systems, basically the same situation as light cavalry, I don't know much about this role and would It be a long wait to start basic
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