What should i expect at the REME selection weekend 27th-29th

I am attending the selection weekend at REME Bordon on the 27th what should i expect?I have never bn to a TA site i applyed through the web site and have not spoke to anyone to know what will happen there?

on what grounds will u get told that ur useless n just to go home? :lol:
If u use txt spk on ths frm.



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Just turn up reasonably fit (well, don't worry too much to start with) and with the right kit - some sports gear, pen, notebook, etc - whatever the list says. And some money for beers. Don't be the big "I am", but just act naturally, and don't forget - you are looking at them, as much as they are looking at you! There will be some phys - not too much, I think, and generally lots of opportunity to see how the Army (well, REME TA) works.

You will probably get shouted at - accept it with a straight face, and try not to cry - or laugh :)

Enjoy yourself, basically.
I echo oldsnowy, need to be reasonably fit as you will do a BPFA, which will consist of press-ups and
sits-ups, each for 2 mins and as many as you can do correctly.
Then a 800m warm up in a squad, then straight away, a 1.5 mile run, which is timed as a best effort.
You might get what they call 'command tasks.' These assess your attitude, initiative and possible leadership skills.
You will also have informal/formal interviews.
An all important Medical and Army Entrance Test.
Dont forget to pack one essential thing - a sense of humour (be prepared to support others who's enthusiasm
may dwindle if they have a 'cant do' attitude).
Good luck!

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