What should I dress up as for Halloween?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vesper, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Dear sirs/ma'ams,

    I require some ideas for what to dress up as this Halloween weekend.

    Last year I was a werewolf, which is rather too original, the year before I was a pirate. I want to do something a little more obscure this time so I'm seriously considering dressing up as a Catholic Priest, drinking copious amounts of alcohol & ending up in a gutter somewhere. I may even consider travelling through London en route whilst intoxicated & in costume so I can provide the necessary religious support to the great British public.

    I haven't actually had the honour of the tranny dress up yet. But seeing as I'm such a gorgeous barsteward, if I were to dress in suspenders & a wig, I'm afraid I may look a bit too tempting for some of the drunken RE types in my area...

    I would be most obliged if any of you chaps/chapesses could provide me with any relevant information & experience. Obscene stories are most welcome.

    I remain, &tc

  2. How's about Satan Claus!?!?!?!
  3. Dress up as an airsoft walt.
    Just don't be seen around any small children or you'll be lynched before you can explain yourself.
  4. Here's the one I won 100euro with at Karneval Ball in Germany this year, I made the head extension, bought the jacket from Red Cross Charity shop for a quid, shortened the sleeves and trouser legs, big pair of boots and there you go, Herman Munster!

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  5. How about this Ghoul??


    An unwelcome sight at any party, Im sure MDN will loan you use of the essential accessory.
  6. How about getting a white pillow case, filling it with bits of old steak, a few bits of chicken etc, let the blood soak through a little, and periodically whisper "I still love you Maddy" to the bag :)
  7. Classic :twisted:
  8. Moving sideways from the other thread, how about a going as a flasher!. You need:

    1. Traditional Flasher Mac
    2. Trilby (optional)
    3. Pair of Y fronts. Sew/staple a curly ginger wig to pants. Stuff one natural coloured ladies pop sock and sew/staple to the front with two suitable balls made the same way. The longer the pop sock c0ck the better, the police will love you. Take pictures and post here. :D
  9. Go for the old classic. Pillowcase over the head, sheets draped round the body, make a burning cross out of two bits of wood and some bog roll - job's a good 'un.

    Course you'll have to practice that Colonel Sanders accent but you've a few days left.
  10. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    take the easiest way to 'dress up' :mrgreen:

    as a matchstick ... all naked - the 'flush head' problem should right itself *LOL*
  11. This is actually rather tempting
  12. poke one of your eyes out, replace with a glass one, speak in a jock accent and every now and then suck in your lower lip. Then go to Iraq/Afghanistan and tell the troops your right behind them.

    It scares the fcuk out of me anyway.
  13. me and my mates are gonna go for the chavette look! any ideas?
  14. Toy kitten attached to your trainer with elastic?
  15. I would especially like to see plenty of young busty lasses in suitable Rocky Horror Show attire trick or treating round my place. Basque and stockings with tats hanging oot.

    Would defo get a bag of sweets off me.

    Is that shallow?