What should I do?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys and girls, got a little dilemma here...
    I have my start date for October 27th but my 18th birthday is on 9th november and i don't realy want to spend it in training with people i don't know well yet, plus i want to go out clubbing and all that seeing as i'll be old enough and wont be able to do it in training (obviously).
    The Army is my priority and is 100% what i want to do, but would delaying it for a month or 2 be that bad?
    I am also out of work and literally moving house at the moment (i know it looks like im fishing for excuses but its true), so yeah times are a bit hard at the moment, so would it be acceptable in your opinions?


    p.s Let me reiterate i'm not having second thoughts about joining!
  2. Hmmm. I'll read it again before I post.

    Nope; still looks like he doesn't want to join!

  3. grow some, and get over it.
  4. If your willing to drop your training just for your birthday, then you obviously don't want it as much as you think you do.
  5. 260+ posts saying how desperate you are to join up, now even though you are unemployed you want to delay it?

    As Gren said, Man up and stop being a wuss :roll:
  6. Delay your 18th birthday until Xmas leave. Invite all your new best mates (who by this time you will know better than you ever would have the majority of the civvies you have left behind). Enjoy.
  7. Quite unanimous at the moment...
    I am asking because I haven't decided yet it's just a thought.
  8. Didn't think of that. Good idea...
  9. I haven't bought the kit i need to take with me yet!
  10. Apart from an Iron, you get issued all you need.
  11. Yeah but they gave us a list of what to bring - padlocks, iron, toiletries...
    Even if they supply recruits with the things it looks bad if they still don't bring what they've been told.
  12. I used to work at an ATR, you'd be surprised what people don't bring.

    Some recruits (and their families) simply can't afford it.
  13. I had my 18th birthday in basic training - okay so I couldn't go out and get wasted, but I still celebrated and just made up for it when basic training was over and I went home for a few days! Had my 21st on guard duty but thats another story..................................................................

    The choice is yours................only you can make the decision!

  14. I forgot to put ETC :p
  15. I spent my 17th & 18th birthday on excercise.

    I don't feel I missed anything. Its one excuse for a night out amongst many. And when you join up there will be many nights out.