what should i do?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dlm7, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. i start basic at winchester in may but i think ive made the wrong decision and i now wanna join the infantry what should i do?
  2. get down to your recruiter ASAP for a chat. (and just why INF ffs!? :p )
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Start basic training as you are meant to, then when your there request an interview to change units. What are you going in as?

    Edit to add: It depends how much you want to be in the Army. If you go to your recruiting office then they make cancel your joining date and give you a new one for your new choice. If you start basic training, informing them as soon as you start that you'd like to re-badge then your in, earning and learning.

    One one side its best to go in with the least fuss possible, changing units can be a long and complicated process. However, you may want to stay in your current unit once you've started. Depends what your going to be doing!
  4. Infantry is a shite trade unless you're in an Armd. Inf. Role. Unless it's homoerotic hazing ritual s you'rre after in the first place.Why walk when you can drive?
  5. Oi cheeky flag infantry is not shiit!!! Its a great carear if you stay in for the 22. Loads of fun. If your going in infantry make sure youve got a decent chance of promotion as well ie aim for an officers commision - It pays better wonga. But if your looking for a trade for civi street then look else were. :D
  6. Oi kurt. I say it's shite and on top of that F@ck you, boylover!
  7. That was never proved. :evil:
  8. "some" People who think the infantry is just "cannon fodders" really show their intelligence! (not aimed at anyone by the way) before anyone starts

    it's down to personal choice:

    what do you want out of your career: ?
    do you wish a trade or be on the frontline: ?
    having a trade benifits you when you leave for civvie street ,
    ( unless the eastern european population get all the jobs first)
    take a good look at "Ross Kemp in afgahnistan"
    you can still gain qualifications in an Infantry unit as i have plenty to back my claim up,

    what people seem to forget that "no matter" what job you do in the army: chef, engineer, rec/mech, RLC Dvr, postie, int, etc etc your still a SOLDIER FIRST & FOREMOST!! wether your working at base on on the sharp bullet end

    lastly good luck with your future career my friend
  9. well i went down to see the careers sgt and told him ive changed my mind and would rather have my second choice and join the infantry and he said its not a problem and it probly means i will get a start date earlier aswell :D:D:D:D cheers 4 the advice!
  10. Armd Inf: eight hours being seasick in a metal box followed by 5 minutes fighting; sh1tting in a portapotty surrounded by seven of your mates; your whole world smelling of diesel; either boiling hot or freezing cold (especially up top); hatch rash (I have the scars to prove it).

    Give me light inf any day. Armd inf is pants.