What should I do?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by themaadone, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Just been told by my MO that 'Aldershot' have no record of me having a med board (recommended discharge) at the Baird health centre in March of this year.

    MO is going skits and so am I - what is wrong with them? What can I do to speed it up???
  2. Have you tried contacting the PSMB direct? They will have a record of you there..
  3. PSMB?

    ?.. ?.. medical board - no, the MO is doing that at present. It's just frustrating considering I have a neurologist, SMO, mental health social worker etc all hounding this case to no avail...
  4. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    Unless the Board failed to complete any paperwork, or the paperwork was never processed, there will be copies.

    If you are serving, the details should be in your FMed 4; if they aren't there should be a copy of the referral to med boards. There should also be a record on EMIS. Glasgow should have a copy of the Board's recomendation too. Finally, there'll be an archive copy.

    If you are no longer serving, send a Subject Access Request (Data Protection Act 1998) to:

    Disclosures Officer
    APC HQ
    Ministry of Defence
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    This should get you a full copy of all the medical data held on you; it must be provided within 40 days.

    If all else fails, at least Baird Med Cen will have kept their appointment book, from which you will be able to demonstrate that you attended for the purposes of a Board...
  5. My FMED4 is on travels at Aldershot who have no idea I was 'boarded'. Also I have the appointment documentation and had an independant witness at the board. The DCMH social worker also spoke to the doctors prior to the board - all I want is to get out and they can't even do that right.....
  6. You should have been given a copy of an Appendix 9, form for notifying result of PULHHEEMS assessment/Medical Board to Unit, Also there should be a copies of a F/Med 19 Medical board Proceedings and F/Med 23 Medical Board Record in your F/Med 4.

    I have all of the one's for the Med/boards, I was on from Jan 2003 till Oct 2005 I was on 5 then discharge.
  7. Problem is that my fmed4 is at aldershot - who say ' we know nothing...' :(