what should i do!

hello guys, right i tell you what has happened so far,
applied fr regs then got asked to do a 1 year degree course in engineering following my HND i have got! so i said i wanted to do t.a summer challenge and do that while at college! went on ADSC did realy well i thought

run time 8:44
heaves 9
gym work all As
team tasks gt realy good report said i was a leader and shit!
even the boi said i should go for RE then do para!

what should i do as the 2 days showed me how much i want t join the army,

1. go on the t.a summer challenge then do my degree then try doing officer selection.
2. go on t.a summer challenge then join the regs.
3.join the regs as a para straight off.
4. do what he suggested do RE then para.

any other suggestions will be welcome

chees lads im in a bit of a fukin head fuk at the minute so any suggestions will be welcome like!
A one-year engineering degree? Where in the country offers those then?

It's down to you; if you want to get stuck in then go for it; being a para and joining 9 PARA are two different thing, though; look into both before picking one. If you'd prefer to get your engineering qual then do that and join the TA in your spare time.
As seen elsewhere on here, I'd suggest you get all the civvy quals you can. They won't hold you back whatever you decide to do.

That you are undecided yet as to whether to go officer or not, infantry or engineers would suggest you would benefit from an extra year properly deciding what career path you wish to follow. They are vastly different roles. Take the time to get extra qualifications and consider joining an inf/engineer TA unit to ensure that's what you want to do.
Get the degree, join the TA and at the same time see about a career as an officer. It takes some considerable time to get through the various selection boards and interviews with whichever Arm you want to go into. This route sees you having the best of all worlds, and you get paid for the time with the TA!
Good luck
well atm i fink im gonna go do the summer challenge, go do the degree while still doing t.a and going thru the process of officer selection tbh. i want to go into the RE as an officer then get my para wings!

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