What should i do with my filth?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Thebull140, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Return it to the people by distributing it to various toilets around the block

  2. Take it to the med center and slide it between chat and hello

  3. Sell it on Ebay

  4. Throw it in the bin.

  5. Post it to an old folks home

  6. Dump it in a bush

  7. Leave it in the female accomodation so they know what is expected of them

  8. Donate it to the Oxfam bookshop down town

  1. After spending a year in an inbred backwater sh!thole my time has come to depart for pastures new. As i am packing my stuff i am noticing that i have collected a reasonable amount of magazines of an adult nature. Now i could take this with me but as i'm off to Germany i feel like it would be like taking snow to the eskimos. Many ideas have been suggested and i cant make the decison so arrse what should i do with my filth?
  2. You could always give them to Smooj's new missus - with you leaving him she's going to have to keep him entertained 24/7! :D :lol:
  3. I'm still backing the Med Cen approach. Imagine the joy it will bring to all the sick boys in there. Also imagine the faces on a few of the Wives who spot it. It has double impact also as it can still show us girlies what is expected from us as with the toilet option (though I still don't think you have a chance of any of them doing this. D'oh I forgot you were in Blandford, of course you have!)

    edited to add:

    med center ???? when did you become a septic?
  4. Donate it to the arrse shop, all procedes to charity.

    Or you could just leave it for the troops you leave behind.
  5. i like your thinking here although i don't want her thinking these images are to normal and sticking a bottle of becks up in the middle of the pub on a saturday night

    she can save that until we get home
  6. I reckon a trip to the local House 'o God could be a giggle. Take some scissors, a Pritt, and get busy on those hymn books boyo! Make sure you get each and every one, on the same page, with some true stomach-turning grot. Then rock up on sunday to await the fruits of your labour. Might want to wear a grownup nappy, in anticipation of the mirth-induced soiling. Wish I could be there.
  7. are any of them amateur? readers wives etc?
  8. Not really, There's a few razzles in there though.
  9. Until you get home, Fcuk me your acting like your married already and she's only given you 1 blow job. You couldnt even seal the deal properly.

  10. Im looking for Plumpers issue 42 for my collection dont spose youve got it?
  11. Don't worry Smooj - we know it's separation anxiety - he doesn't know how he's going to cope without you to kidney punch him on a regular basis!
  12. any Big Jugs Bi Monthly? ill happily bid on ebay for that!!
  13. I will bid on any that has female arrse members in so come on girls tell us all what issues we should be looking for. :):)
  14. Bull,

    If you ever come across my back......err I mean a bloke called Flipper Wha***y, give him your porn colection and a good kicking.

    He was a SSM in boxhead land in the late eighties and a born again god bothering freak. No missus, lived in the mess and hung around with young, male soldiers. I'm sure social services should have been involved.

    Flipper hated porn of any description or depravity. Even page three was a shocker from Beelzebub's own top shelf.

    Imagine my surprise(and Flipper's) when he carried out a room inspection (mine) and found a four foot poster staring down at him. Pretty in the Pink it was called and consisted of some German horror, lips splayed (labial type) and completely covered in range glue.

    I honestly thought he was having a mild heart attack.

    I had to have an interview with the padre after that to cleanse my depraved mind. All the padre wanted to know is where I purchased it and how much!

    Ahhh Germany.........bad memories.
  15. 1. Get some covers from magazines such as "The Economist" or other suitably high-brow stuff.
    2. Wrap each grumble mag in the cover from said boring mags.
    3. Take it to the nearest all-boy boarding school and sell for 5-10 quid per copy, depending on quantity and quality of filth.
    4. Profit!