What should i do in the army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chris1994, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Hey, first post so i don't know if im in the right thread area.
    abit info:

    Im 16 and going through the application process currently got another Pre ADSC Monday 22nd Febuary 2010, but im still not sure on my Job and Regiment stuff.

    Im intrested in a job thall paywell, give me future oppertunities, and that ill experience soildering really i don't want to be sat a desk i want a job where im out on the field fighting the fight.

    Ive only got GCSE's aswell
    Ino i should talk to Careers officer i have but i want a diffrent opinoun.
    So any advice please ?
  2. What do you think you would like to do,? What are your hobbys, the best bet is to do a job that you real fancy doing and will enjoy doing for the rest of you life
  3. I orginally wanted to do infantry,but my careers officer strongly didnt want me to as im c-b level gcses and got 56 on my barb, i like practical work construction
  4. Apart from the obvious advice about learning to spell(!), I'd recommend thinking (as t66 has said) about your hobbies - what do you like to do in your spare time and at school - and then, if you list them here, someone will give you advice on what your options might be to talk to the AFCO about.

    I'd recommend, however, that you take the advice of the AFCO seriously - they're the professionals at careers advice giving and will be your doorway into green.
  5. If construction intrests you have a look at the Royal Engineers!
  6. As been said before, think of your interests, do you want to build, repair or blow things up, fight in the infantry, fire artillery, play with helicopters, Tanks, get involved in supply or stop people having fun eg RMP
  7. i like the sound of having a skill like construction thall help me through life with anything, but also be able to fight
  8. Royal Engineers would be good for building stuff: if you're interested in destruction (e.g., IED) of threats in AFGN you might also want to look at the Royal Logistic Corps.
  9. im looking into enginers atm (excuse my spelling) i don't know much army lingu what is the AFGN?
  10. assuming this is not a wah, Afghanistan.
  11. The Army gives you chances to do thing that the normal civi could not even dream about,I always wanted to be on tanks until I crewed one, horrible big smelly, cold,dirty, finger eating monsters. So I creeped my way into being Aircrew,which I would have quite happily paid the Army for letting me play with helicopters, but I went through the Junior leader system so I had a pretty good trade training as a signaller, gunner ,medic, driver , before I got to my regiment
  12. Engineers can find themselve's in Infantry ranks, and involved with all the infantry stuff until any engineering tasks are required, eg breach minefields, deny equipment, gain entrance into buildings.
  13. Out fo the Enginering jobs which is the best, rewarding, oppertunties to join infantry ranks, i prefer construction
  14. pretty much most trades if you go for BRF on tour, do P comapany or the All Arms Commando Course. Also, in EOD you get attatched to all sorts of weird and wonderful infantry units.