What should I be getting?

I left in 1997 after 22 yrs as a WO 2 in the Artillery. My son-in-law thinks my penson is way too low. I get around £500 a month all in and am way past 55!! My son-in-law's dad left the signals as a CPL and is also 55+ but gets just short of £1000 a month. We both fully commuted. Can anybody with a similar exit time/rank offer any advice please.......

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.
Did you contact the pension dept before you were 55 telling them it was approaching?
I left in 87 as an RCT SSgt,22 yrs,maximum commutation, well past 55+ and, get a lot more than that after tax ?
Cough up £35 and join the Armed Forces Pension Society - look 'em up on here - you'll find them very helpful.
My younger brother was a REME SSgt, joined 1975 left in 1997, 22 years, maximum computation, pension for tax year 2014 / 15 £11939.58.

He was 55 in 2011 and neither him or I had to remind the pension dept that we were coming up to 55.

Iv'e used his stats as they are nearly spot on for yours were as mine are wildly different.
At £35 you can't go wrong.
Anyone know what the FPS promotional code for the Army/2016 is? It was AAY2015 last year but it doesn't seem to work now... Is £37/yr the best rate for those serving even with the code?


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