What should happen to him?

Trial, followed by an appropriate punishment awarded by the judge.

If he's found to be guilty of course.
you should have posted 'what should happen to him?' with a poll
Keep him on 'it's a small world' til he begs for mercy by eating his own shit.
12 hours of Bugsy telling him how wonderful socialism is should have the bugger chewing his arm off....
dress him as a catholic priest and dangle him over one of the orange order marches as a sort of mobile pinata :)


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Put him in the stocks in the town square.
While there are no stocks in the town square any longer, there IS a pilory near Grappenhall Church that could be made servicable again in about 20 minutes. And Grappenhall has a lot of affluent pensioners. You know, the sort that read the daily mail. I'm sure the two pubs within 100 yards would be happy to donate any elderly veg to pelt him with.
To be fair, it only took the concerned citizenry of Warrington a
FUCKING WEEK to notice it was missing, before their grief wailing began.
I suppose they get that from living by the Mersey. Their rugby fans will be crushing each other at away matches soon.

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