What shot to use?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by smudge67, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. I am shooting ducks this weekend. It's a driven shoot.

    Any idea what to use? I was thinking along the lines of 65mm
    6-30gms, or 70mm 6-32gms.

    Not shot duck before so any advice welcome.
  2. What guage are you taking?
  3. 12g
  4. I'd go for the 65 with a good pack and decent spread, should suffice
  5. So...65mm 6-30gms with skeet chokes?
  6. Set the choke up wide for a good spread as it's your first outing, as you start getting comfy with your eye, you can adjust for longer ranges. Good luck and let us know how you get on!
  7. It all depends.... Do you want to (be able to) eat them, or are you happy just smashing the fuck out of 'em?
  8. I wouldn't mind eating a few of them, but hey, shiite happens.

    I've heard that 32g 70mm no4 shot would be ideal for duck.
  9. Ive always gone with 5 for duck and 6 for field game, watch the lead with ducks and water.
  10. First of all are you aware that when shooting duck in England it is against the law to use lead? This is irrespective of whether you are shooting over water or not. The law takes a bit more of a common sense approach in Scotland. Some people buck the system and use lead as it is probably the best tool for the job and is definitely the most cost effective. Your options are steel, tungsten or bismuth. Steel looses kinetic energy faster than anything so you loose a little bit of range and dependant on the range you may have to lead more because it slows down quicker.

    Personally I use 32 grams of No 5s with chokes 1/4 and 1/2 Ducks tend to be coming in so ranges are not that far dependant on the size of the pond and how they fly around it. Ducks feathers tend to be thicker than pheasants so they take that little more. Many steel derivatives recommend not using more than 1/2 choke because it doesn't compress the same way lead does as it goes through the choke.

    Finally a few have said use open chokes, if you do this you increase the chances of pricking a duck and it flying on. I would sooner hit one a bit hard than have one fly on to die a slow lingering death just depends on your ethics really. You could still clip one with the side of the pattern with a tight choke and have it fly on so...........

    If there are a number of you on the same pond let the ducks come in and take the back ones to let the others get a chance at them be aware the ducks almost always come in flying in to the wind so have the wind at your back as you are observing. Don’t shoot too early, remember they are coming in.

  11. You've got to use non-toxic shot over English waterways. So, assuming you're going to use steel shot, which doesn't carry as far as lead for example, #4 would probably be a better choice for you. It will mean slightly less shot in the air (compared to #5) but, will give more hitting power and hopefully, less pricked and more dead birds.

    Alternatively, try Eley Alphamax 36g of BB shot... they will fall if hit and you won't even have to pluck them. :D But they do cost about £39 a box!
  12. I'm going for non-toxic
  13. So I'm better off not using steel, and going for another non-toxic alternative?

    The Alphamax sounds like good fun, but I'm not paying £39 a box!!
  14. Not steel equalls more expensive: Bismuth shells around £25 a box, Tungsten around £30 - you pays you're money and you takes......
  15. Steel are cheap but the more dense alternatives shoot better to be honest the guys that are very good will drop them as well with steel I have shot a lot of ducks with 5s with no problem. If I was going to use 4s unless you have a magnum chamber and are going to lob 36 grams + in to the air then I would be looking at tightening my shot pattern. It is all about chasing the last 10% and when you are new to it you might want every advantage you can get. If geese come on to the pond you want 3s or there about. I Use 42 grams of 3s. I have been caught out in the past and if using smaller shot like 5s forget the goose and shoot the head as if it was a bird in it's own right. Don’t try this unless you are confident of your shooting. What ever you choose good luck and enjoy.