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What shall we do with the drunken sailor......

As an old CO of mine once said, wisely:

"If you don't want high spirits, then don't serve spirits"
I had a senior colleague with a colonial air to him who “when in drink” would stand up and loudly state “Right, i’m Off to throw a few fucks into the frenchies, they don’t like it up ‘em”

I’m slightly disappointed that the Sun dodger didn’t get naked and/or start windmilling
Oh come on we’ve all done it.
I used to work with a WO1 who had a SF background, the epitomy of decorum and professionalism....until he cracked open a beer.

He was invited to a local dignitaries dinner where there were several other military personnel attending as well as the local mayor, councillors and the like.

As some civvie bloke was giving his after dinner speech, our "hero" decided it was the opportune moment to shout out "sit down you boring twat!".

This was quickly followed by a bemused WO1 being escorted out of the event by an LE major.

A new posting also followed.

Unlucky Matt!
HMF has changed. Our man didn't get punchy, didn't drive anywhere, in fact didn't do anything beyond getting shiters and making an arrse of himself. What's wrong with day on/day off for a month? Lord knows how many subbies have done the same thing and got that kind of punishment. As someone said, we've all done it.

My own "moment of enlightenment" was being wankered in the Mess after a dinner night, looked at my watch and it was 0400. I was supposed to be at the armoury to sign out gats for the ranges at 0630. Not happening. On the blower to the SSM at 0830 and reported myself, as did my partner in crime who was also on the 0400/negative 0630 timetable. We blamed the Bandmaster, a WO1, who insisted we drank with him.

"Take 3 each, you twats". That was the end of it. Had we actually shown up to sign for gats while bladdered, that might have been a different story!

I feel sorry for the guys serving today if this is how it goes down these days.
His tailor should have been on trial;


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