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What shall I take to the Desert?


Well bearing in mind we will get issued F All, I want to get a few basic bits n pieces. Boots, hat, shemag, set of desert combats. Any suggestions on the best place to get this stuff.

Having spoken to an M8 in Ku8 apparently they're well cammo'd for anything happening in nearby forests!

Suggestions for either best/quickest/cheapest shops? and / or 'essential items' issue or not.


a lot of masking tape, insulating/electric tape etc.....
and a couple of corks.....and a good hand held battry operated hoover !

amazing where that sand can get in to..... ;)

buy or tax a set off scott goggles.......u can get these through the system.*

a nose mouth mask ( like what cyclists wear in london etc...)  they are cheap enough.*

buy variouse sized seal/zip bags (tescos,asdas...)
and lots off you sand free kit for a couple of minutes. "good feeling"*

some variouse sized paintbrushes, so you can clean variouse parts of eqpt.*

a small world band you can find out what you are going to do next.*

the biggest brightest vehicle marker you can get your hands on........the amaricans are a very proffecianel lot !

just think of " SAND, SAND, SAND, SAND....F**KIN MORE SAND " then think of what can make your life easier.
" * " items are defo items ive got packed, ask those who went in 91,


Well the crabs have obviously thought long and hard about what ki to bring. A brand new green BMW in the back of a Chinook. Photo to prove it. That along with their mountain bikes which bumped off some of our in date IPE.

comedy dave

War Hero
Well if it is anything like GW1 and you are crab air then you will have to take very little on operations. The hotels in Bahrain have all mod cons.

Though I suggest you take a change of undies and thin white cotton socks, the sport type and some decent socks to replace army issue green fibreglass ones. Oh, and plenty of talc, 'cuticura' is splendid stuff. ;)

Brewers yeast, a demi-john and air lock for making home brew, coz lets face it, this aint gonna be over for a long time. Probably wont be the 100 hour jobbie like last time. Old uncle saddam has probably got his act sorted out.

Good luck!


War Hero
Just a fond memory from Saif Sarrea: The R Sigs Sgt Maj who "suggested" that we kept our shirts tucked into our trousers. Twat.


War Hero
Then a top tip: Soak a sweat rag, wrap it round cans/bottles of coke, beer, water etc. and leave in the shade, but exposed to the wind, until it's dry. It really gets quite cold. Well, colder than it would be sitting in the EFI tent anyway.

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