What series/author?

Some years ago I read a great book, and if I remember correctly, it was one of a series.

The main character was a young officer in the 19C. In this particular book, he had been captured by a tribal leader in North Africa, and was made to run alongside the leaders (horse of camel) in bare feet - which did wonders for his stamina. The tribe liked hunting elephants and hamstringing them, and once our hero had gained the tribal leaders confidence, he was given a sword so that he too could do this.

That is what I remember for sure! Our hero may also (but here I might be confusing this book with another - although I don't think so) have been sent to relieve Gen. Gordon in Khartoum.

Can anyone recall what series this is? And the author? In these days of eBooks I would like to download and read the whole series.

Many thanks!
Just checked the Wilbur Smith web-site - you're absolutely correct - that was the book. Many thanks for that. Now for a trip to Amazon to download the series.

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Sunbird wasn't bad - start of the Courtney series was enjoyable as was Eagle in the Sky -rest were an awful load of tosh.

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