what score did you get on the barb test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by oloveridge, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. i did my bard test tuesday and got 52
    the recruiter said the average for the careers office i went to was 40

    just wondering what is the pass mark and how much did everyone else get?
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  2. Well done. Were you assessed on the tin whistle, or the lyre?

    I got 73, I think. Was told the average was about 45. I don't think there is a minimum, as such. So long as you're not a complete spacko with it. If you were, I imagine they'd give you a second chance. But then, I could be wrong. It's basicaly just to see which jobs you're best suited to.
  3. well done 73 is very good wish mine was that high but im was just happy i got enough to apply
  4. i got 52 too last week and going for infantry,just done my rg 8 and waiting for a reply and getting ready for 'blunt force trauma' just wondering what u going for?
  5. Did mine the other day and got 79 which I was really chuffed with. Screwed up the language and arithmatic parts but didn't matter- 81 jobs available.

    Each job has a pass mark that you need to achieve to be offered that job but the one that requires the most is RMP (60 points) .

    And yeh you do get another chance but only after 30 days and you only tend to get 5 more points apparently, unless you seriously screwed up the first time which you obviously didn't.

    What job are you going for? :)
  6. infantry guards
  7. I had to re do it in March and got 90! My careers officer says it was pretty impressive. :D
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  8. 23 Is The Minimum
  9. 72 - Was chuffed, because I knew I fucked up one thing which I just didn't understand.
  10. I got a 68, and had everything available to me, be got pushed to be a REME Tech, which must have been a 'pinch point' because it got quickly overloaded, and I had to wait 3 months to start phase II training, and had to endure the build up in a holding platoon.

    If the Guards is what you want, go for it, if not, your heart will not be 100% behind it, and 100% is what you will need.

    If you are after a trade that requires a higher score, do some basic skills training (there are plenty free on the internet, just move around to expand your knowledge) and go for it.

    But all this sounds like I'm telling you what to do, in the end, go for what you want, and good luck, the Army gave me the best years of my life, I just wish I had a better careers advisor.
  11. It used to be 26.

    When I worked in my local AFCO for a week, one bloke failed it 3 times :D

    Fcuking clown.
  12. The is the wierd thing 23 is the minimum however 26 is the first job spec
  13. I got 72.

    EDIT: See, i'm not a dullard/mong/chav

    I'm going for Paras, ok maybe i'm a little mad.
  14. 55-I am going for Infantry.
  15. 80. Could have done better but was quite a noisy environment...still well chuffed though.
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