What scared you as a kid?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by XRE_987, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. I went out this evening for my Monday pints and ended up talking shite to the barman and a female friend. We got on to losing virginity, and shags thereafter...

    Maybe there's a thread there - "first shags"? Probably been done already and, if not, I'll leave it somebody else to start...

    Anyway, this trip down memory lane overshot a little and I remembered when I was barely more than a rug rat, and how scared I used to get about some things. So, what used to scare you?

    I was raised the son of a vicar (fuck off, arrsers, "Son of a preacher man" et al have been done to death) and got to live in a fuck off great vicarage - big and scary with a graveyard outside and a pear tree growing up the side that used to tap on my window... The house itself was old and made lots of strange noises as it settled in for the night.

    My fear was going for a piss (which obviously made me think about pissing and need to go...) - I had to traverse a small landing with two bedroom doors and a cupboard door off it, then a big landing with three bedrooms and a bathroom off it, then the servants landing and quarter entrance to get to the loo. Oh, and the servants stairs from the kitchen - really spooky! I didn't want to make myself obvious, so had to do it quickly and quietly, incase I alerted whatever was out there to my presence, with minimal lighting... that's when I learned to piss on the porcelain to keep the noise down, so I could hear if anything was coming for me. I would run back to bed afterwards (as quietly as possible) and if I left any light on I would get scolded the next day. I still piss on the porcelain. Unless I'm hammered, in which case I piss wherever suits me best at that moment in time.

    I'm sure part of this was to do with what my folks and their church buddies were trying to indoctrinate me into (guilt, good vs bad, the existence of evil, etc.) but there it is.

    Oh, and no, we didn't have servants or anything, we struggled there, but the place was built a long time before we moved in. The servants' quarters became my retreat in time - it's where I set up my record player and introduced myself to the Sex Pistols and learned to play guitar :)

    Let loose...
  2. The Daleks (1960's version), still hide behind the couch at the 1st mention of "EXTERMINATE!!!"
    Damn you Terry Nation, damn you to hell! (I know he's already Hovis, but I'd give him a reprieve for the original 'Survivors' though.)
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  3. Plug holes scare me shitless!
  4. Shit, yeah! Weird isn't it, we were actually hiding away from that stuff (literally), but kids today would laugh at it. I blame the Thals...
  5. Either I'm missing something here, what fecking film did you watch?, or is it a spider thing? They never go away, y'know...
  6. Snakes (traumatised by one slithering towards me in the garden when I was around 5 yrs old).
    The dark (had to have the landing light on outside my bedroom at night).
    My mum making me eat brussel sprouts (no child should be force fed this abomination).
    Hayfever season (suffered badly).
    The sea (my sister almost drowned me when I was quite young).

    Fortunately none of the above scare me now except snakes.
  7. Its not the spiders its just ya never know whats down there!!!
  8. Clowns


    Still do
    nuff said.
  9. Chucky34.jpg

    Try watching that when you're about 5.
  10. I have the same problem when I'm sat on the loo. You just never know what's down there and could surface at any time. Especially when on the loo at night in the dark. You sit there wondering if a brussel sprout might appear or a snake!!!
  11. Kudos to you. I had to sneak off to my more enlightened friends' parents who hosted the Friday night gathering of local children who watched the spooky/horror films.
  12. Good list RW, glad you're over most of them! The dark and Daleks - I feel your pain.

    I used to leave the small landing light on, but my folks would switch it off when they went to bed - so I was lying awake waiting for the moment... I leave the landing light on now, but that's more to do with getting to the bathroom in the night without tripping and chinning myself in this multi-level cottage/incorporated stable/incorporated coal shed/extension/extension/blah. The Daleks wore off at some point, and I'm not sure when.

    Being scared of snakes is a good thing anyway :) Someone I know got bitten by an Adder. Nowhere near deadly, but made shit of his back (he was playing in the ferns and obviously disturbed this fella who got down his shirt).

    I have pics of both my girls holding snakes and Tarantulas with big grins on their faces. If a money spider dares to drop down a thread in the house:crying:. We haven't had a snake problem yet, but then St Pat drove them all out, apparently :nod:
  13. Jazus lads! Evil clowns, evil kids, evil puppets...
    What he said =|
  14. Without doubt, the biggest pant filler of my childhood was the evil little dwarf, in that subtitled East German programme, The Singing Ringing Tree.

    Who, at the BBC, out of their heads on fucking LSD, commissioned this as children's entertainment?

    The Singing Ringing Tree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Go on, turn the lights down low and show your kids...Especially designed for the under 6 age group who will go fucking rigid with fear.

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  15. I remember the Singing Ringing Tree, and it reminded me of another program I used to half-watch, but I can't remember the title! It was forest based, I'm sure, and used puppetry... Anyway, did a search for "Scary Kids TV" and got this:

    Weird and scary

    Strange how the things that scare you change over the years...