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My seven year old TomTom 510 has hit the deck and no longer works.

I'm looking to replace, but it's been so long since I looked at the market I don't know what's available.

I don't need all the bells & whistles, just UK maps, spoken voice direction and maybe traffic jam updates.

I would appreciate any suggestions for features I might find useful or units I should look at/avoid.




All you need is a wife/girlfriend and a map.


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Got a smart phone? Download the Nav Free app.
Personally I use my Garmin something or other which I bought about a year ago from Argos, very good and a decent price, though no traffic updates.

Got a smart phone? Download the Nav Free app.
However, my brother uses his Galaxy S4 as a sat nav and his various phones/PDAs before that and he's had no complaints.

If you have a smart phone and can get a decent free app then why splash out on a sat nav?
Tesco were recently selling a Garmin with free map updates for life for just under £80. Not sure if had traffic updates, but might be worth checking.

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I had a TomTom GO and a TomTom Start. Eventually I got fed up with the nagging to update maps, slow start up/shut down and (to my mind) non- intuitive interface. I did a bit of digging on t'interweb and plumped for a Garmin Nuvi 2584 (I think - need to check exact model as it is in the car) as recommended on 'What GPS' site. I wanted a compass and also traffic. It's not cheap, at about £170 (with free travel pack!!) from Argos, but I like it. It has free maps for life, starts and replans very quickly. The interface is OK, although you still have to hunt around for a few things. You can't display, for instance, heading and distance to destination on the nav screen at the same time, but the information is all there. The traffic has a big 'it's not our fault' tag attached, and can give warnings wen you are already in the traffic.......Overall I find it does what I want and I am very happy with it.
I had traffic updates on my TomTOm and it was amazingly crap. Reported roadworks that didnt exist very rarely got traffic holdups on time and was basically less useful than no having it.
The free android phone app is great, but even when plugged into a car charger it discharges quicker than the charger recharges, so at best, you only get an hour of satnav. It also eats your data allowance very quickly.

or you could go for the Garmin Bigot 500 model...

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a mate of mine was going to france and italy and wanted a sat nav for his motorcycle
he looked at units with european mapping and they were pricey
I told him to buy a sat nav housing off ebay and thenc all in to carrefour and buy a cheap one, of course it would have europe loaded in
he got one for 48 quid

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