What rights do i have when mobilised?

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I was mobilised at the start of this year. I did three months pre deployment training with Batallion and am now doing a seven month tour of Iraq as infantry.

The things that are really geting to me are:

lack of leave. In the three months before deploying I only got a handful of weekends off to see my family. Before deploying I was only given a weeks leave when all the regular soldiers were given a full two.

I volunteered to do a 6 month tour but am now being told I have to stay for 7, plus an extra week and a bit back in the UK demobilising with the batallion, which I never volunteered to do!!!!

What I want to know is what I should have been entitled to eg. what say should I have had in my tour being extended against my wishes? What rights should I have had to being able to go home at weekends? How much leave following my deployment should I have and what happens if it would go over the year contract I signed at chilwell?

Any help would be a greatly appreciated. Getting information from my Batallion is like getting blood from a stone.

To the guy who's user name this is: I'm really sorry.
I only had one weeks embarkation leave - you might be getting confused with annual leave of two weeks which can be taken prior to mobilisation if it falls at the same time. As a TA soldier you are not entitled to annual leave unless you are on a S Type (Regular) attachment
I got 4 days pre-tour leave and we had to blag that!! We were told they did'nt have to give us pre-tour leave!!

As for your 7 months not 6, when you Mobilize they can have you for upto 12 months! We got a month extention whilst we were out there and unfortuantly we just had to put up with it!!
The-Daddy said:
I only had one weeks embarkation leave - you might be getting confused with annual leave of two weeks which can be taken prior to mobilisation if it falls at the same time. As a TA soldier you are not entitled to annual leave unless you are on a S Type (Regular) attachment
Wrong, you get whatever annual leave that you have accrued while undertaking mobilised service, this leave is then usually bolted on to your POTL. There's sometimes mid tour leave depending on length, again I'm guessing this can be bolted onto your POTL.

I don't know what you can do about it, I guess you should just grab a copy of whatever paperwork you were issued with when you signed on and see if there is mention of being able to extend your tour.
When you get back have a look for LAND/Pers TA 1371-1 this will tell you all about your Bounty Entitlement as well.

As an example my soldiers on Telic 6 Mobbed on 14 Feb 05 and by the time they de-mobbed at the end of Nov 05 and got leave in, their Last Day of Service was 13 Jan 06! Smile it could be worse you could go straight on Herrick like the Regulars.

BUT, you did volunteer so you takes the money you pays the price!

All Mob letters now state that you will be away for 11 1/2 months at least.
If memory serves me correctly your callout paper actually said it was an open engagement - no length of service was stipulated whatsoever, and as a colleague above says "they" reserve the right to extend in the interests of the service. So basically - you signed up - not for any specific length of time.

RFA96 protects your civil employment for a period of 12 months only - so they try and get you out and de-mobbed prior to the 12 month mark.

Pre-tour or embarkation leave is not leave (normally) it is stand-down. As such it is not a right but a priviledge and you get it at the discretion of the Comd. Some may get it, some may not. The likelihood of TA getting it is lower as the pre-deployment trg standards tend to mean additional trg is required. (Their words not mine).

As for your POTL entitlement - if you do the full six months+ you will be entitled to full POTL - which is 40 WORKING days (8 weeks or 56 days if you prefer to look at it that way). You are entitled to return to your civil employment during that time, but with the tax implications is it really worth it?

Finally - before whinging too much, just remember that you are no longer TA but part of the Regular Army when you are mobilised. Do you hear your colleagues whinging about having to do the extra month etc...consider their feelings as well. When the same thing happened to us - the TA bods constant whinging really peeved the others off and did a great deal of harm to the standing that we had built throughout the tour.
How about instead of claiming you're 'really sorry', you have the ******* decency to sign out of my mates account, and make your own?

stupid knob.
To me this sounds like a case for rewriting the mobilisation documentation so that you don't have to be a lawyer with a copy of TA Regs to hand to appreciate the full implications. Then a simple glance through would reveal the truth. Mine were distinctly user-unfriendly as I recall.

It also makes me wonder how mobilisation is being sold to the troops in that such things come as a surprise. Units should tell the truth, not soft soap it so they get the requisite number of volunteers.

"Dislocation of expectation equals poor retention" may not be a catchy slogan but losing blokes because they perceive that they have been treated badly is undesirable. Particularly as, if properly briefed, they would have volunteered anyway.
Soldier on and get on with it , get home safe and give your kit in as I don't think you want to be where you are .

I have a very close friend (reg) who is on his 3rd tour, each being lengthy periods of time and he still smiles and never moans , it's called acceptance of the fact's, if you can't then time to pull the plug perhaps.

Harsh I'm not so sure, truthful yes and I make no apologies either.

Hay you could just stag on for 7 month's which would be fun !

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