What Resupply Should be on the QRF for a medic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by freddy87, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've been in the army for 2 and a half years and ive decided to transfer to the ramc as a cmt. I have to do a presentation and my question which I have to answer is the question in the title of this post. Ive already asked my medics and some at tmed but i was hoping tp get some answers from people on the forum over this weekend.

    Please help!
  2. Depends.

    On your role, where based, how it will be carried etc.

    If I treated a serious casualty and back loaded it on a chopper I would want a replacement stretcher & O2 cylinder.
    Sometimes certain drugs get in short supply, especially if miss-used.

    At a base, especially in RIP silly things like suncream and foot powder & stuff for the shits are in short supply and can drain manpower more than a couple of IEDs.

    They normally have packs made up anyway, remember on the 9L There is a section to request kit.
  3. A breeze bloke to sit on and an 105 case to use as an ash tray?
  4. Are all medic's kits made up the same?

    If so, wouldn't it be better if you dumped off your part used kit and pick up a brand spankers new pack from the MERT?
  5. A litre of gin and enough tonic (not a lot) to cope.....
  6. There is provision on line 4 of the 9-liner to request replacement clobber I thought.
  7. There are certain models of med pack - based on a requirement and filled with NSNs
    (its based on stuff thought that is needed by someone who dosn't do the actual job day in day out on ops)

    Therefore you get your med pack and depending on role alter it to your operational need.

    So if I was on a foot patrol and was given a 5** or a 5*$ med pack half of it would be left at base, and items that can be used for multiple uses would be taken. certain bits of med kit are in some kits or can be ordered by there NSN so I would order thing I thought would be needed, all I needed to do with a good CoC is justify them