What regiment?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ADking, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Narowed it down to grenadiers and rifles,
    Grenadiers because they do the ceremonial duties and seem to have a lot of other things going on,
    Rifles because I have a lot of mates in the reg, seem to be one of the most respected regiments and equally on of the most professional.

    Anyone help me out with which I should Go for?

  2. Better make your mind up quickly before there's only one left.
  3. Here's 20p to 'phone someone who cares.
  4. Buy yourself an Arrse Challenge Coin. Then flip it.
  5. I can imagine that both regiments will be crawling over themselves to gain your endorsement......
  6. I'm a Gren but I'll resist the urge for some chippy bashing and give you a serious answer. I'd say go for the Rifles, it would give you a lot more options such as being able to be armoured, mechanised or commando trained.

    I wouldn't say the Rifles are one of the most respected or professional Infantry regiments as that is very hard to judge fairly, though I would like to point out the Grens are off for their third tour of Afghanistan soon and rumour has it that we might get a fourth so we must be doing some thing right.

    Public duties is shit too.
  7. There was me thinking it was just a bit of marching and stampy feet! :)
  8. If you enjoy hours and hours of cleaning kit and being shouted at go Grenadiers, if it's just the shouting go Rifles.
  9. For someone like you have you thought of 49 Para?
    Why be a foot slogger when you can be flown in & jump into the action.
  10. OMG there is somebody who wants to be a potential Guardsman on this site do the MOD's know?
  11. Thanks mate, Ive read a few bits on the rifles since the post, and decided this is the one I will go for.
    As you said being such a big regiment they have loads of potential roles on offer, so this seems the best choice for me!

    Cheers for the reply's all
  12. RIFLES. 5 battalions, lots of options, very little shouty stuff, zero stagging on outside palaces. Lots of "w*nkdurch" and none of "sir leave to carry on sir please". No-brainer really.

    (Though should add that the GREN GDS are a very good bunch nevertheless).
  13. A bit of a waiting list at the moment though if I am not mistaken...
  14. Youre not wrong there...