What Regiment, What Era?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Chaps, can anyone give me a deffo ID of the Regiment and era of this picture.

    The guy with the * above him I think is my Grandad who was in the Grenadier Guards, he joined as a boy soldier around 1918, the thing is if it is him, he already has a tape up and to me the uniforms look more pre WWI than after it, any clues?

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  2. A bigger picture might help. If it wasn't for the chevrons, I'd be guessing that it's members of the Kaiser's Army at Otterburn.

    Just as likely to be South Africa, though, at the turn of the century. The previous one, that is.

    Missed my chance. Should have said that they're definitely Coldstreamers.
  3. looking at the carbine might be a horse regiment,possibly lancer
  4. Click on the pic to enlarge it. Afraid I have no idea on the initial question though.
  5. :oops:

    At least three of the blokes have Red Cross badges, though their collar badges are the same as their oppos, so they are (presumably) unit medics.
    Anyone know when CMTs began? That would put an "earliest" date to the photo.

    The collar badges look like flaming grenades, but that could infer RE or RA, just as much a Gren Gds.

    Oh look: a Victorian (Oz) Artillery Roughrider (whatever that is) of 1894:


    Did Grandad have a strange accent and a penchant for eating odd bugs?
  6. He was from Chatham if thats what you mean!
  7. I take it that there's nothing written on the back of the photo?

    Even the photographer's address could be a clue.
  8. I will have to get back to you with that, this is the first time Ive seen these pics, they were sent from a relative via email who now lives in NZ!
  9. The two Sgts look as though they have a "gun" above their chevrons which, together with the collar badges and the carbine, could indicate RFA or RHA.

    There also seems to be "Austrian knot" braid on the sleeves of all of the others, but not gold as per the Sgts. This may indicate orthochromic film, where yellow appears as a very dark shade of grey.

    I like the badger being worn as facial hair by the civvie in the bowler, middle distance!

    Edited to add: If they are carbines, possibly Martini Henry, then are we looking at a date of some time in the 1880's? That sort of uniform would be right for that period. If so, then it's probably not the relative you've suggested.
  10. The M-H carbine would date it as 1870s (regulars) up to 1890s (militias).

    Actually the carbines might even be Sniders (are those white spots on the right hand side hammers?), in which case it'd put the date back to 1860s/70s.
  11. Cheers fellas, awesome info, it must be a earlier relative, I will report back any findings, thanks again chaps!
  12. I'd suggest that the image is of Volunteer Artillery, either late 1890s or early 1900s.