What Regiment were /are you in ?

Cubs 1970-1973
Royal Artillary Merseyside ACF 1973-1979
JLR RAC A SQN 1979-1980
The Blues & Royals 1980-1994
Reserves 1994-2018( I am too fat and useless now god help us all if I get the call up)

Right I've got that sorted

16/5th The Queens Royal Lancers
JLR RAC 1965-1967

1st The Queens Dragoon Guards - The Welsh Cavalry. (1967-1990)
going off topic but wasnt it rack catch plunger release catch cam??? still got my rarden rash scar too :)

Thats the other part of it -remember the rackcatch plunger struck the release catch cam- and yes I was a cassette head!
Well, wanting to join 2RTR...but from what I've been told they'll put me anywhere when I've finished training. Load of böllocks, or am I really gonna get put anywhere they need the numbers?

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