What regiment is hrh in ????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PLANK, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi
    I am a bit confused, WHAT REGIMENT IS HRH IN ??. The other night I saw him in a uniform of the BLUES AND ROYALS but I thought he was now in the AAC as an APACHE PILOT NOW. Could some kind person enlighten me please.??
  2. He is still Blues and Royals on secondment to the AAC for a flying tour.
  3. But if your grandmother is the Boss you seem to be able to get away with wearing all sorts of kit.

    Like, Why did William not wear his Number one Raf Uniform when he got married?
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  4. Given the choice, would you?
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  5. If he wore a RAF uniform, it would have to be called a 'Civil Partnership.'
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  6. I don't know!!!!! But why???? Does everyone overuse exclamation marks!!!???? Why don't you!!!!! Write???? Like???? Normal!!!! People!!!????
  7. Because he is Colonel of the Irish Guards.
  8. And, why would you wear an RAF uniform, when there's a nice H/Div one to wear.
  9. HONORARY Colonel do you mean?
  10. As opposed to substantive fuckwit.
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  11. But what happens if and when he meets a real Colonel, say walking down The Mall or if he pops in to Main Building one day.
  12. No, I mean Colonel of the Irish Guards/Colonel of the Regiment. Of course it is an honorary title, but just because it is honorary doesn;t mean he can't wear it/use it.
  13. It's a 'royal' thing, I believe. More cap badges than there are regiments and corps and an array of bling that would put a Portuguese tram driver to shame.
  14. 'All sorts of kit'? You mean IAW current dress regs? I take it you are referring to the photo that appeared of Capt Wales wearing Blues and Royals Tropical No1s. AAC beret IAW with dress regs as would any other E3 on attachment or for that matter, anyone attached to an AAC unit.

    Plank. He is serving on attachment to the AAC but still badged Blues and Royals. He may be offered transfer to the AAC on completion of his first flying tour (just like any other officer).
  15. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Victor Borge has the answer...

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