What regiment do I join??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by etpoide, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Im thinking of joining one of the armoured regiments, but I cant find anything past the standard websites. I was wondering if anyone could give me a little more in depth info about the people in each regiment, how they work, attitudes within the regiment etc.

    Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and will definately be informing my decision of regiment.
  2. Where in the UK are you from?
  3. The south, specifically London. I realise that a lot of the regiments are overwhelmingly Northern. Might this be a problem?? I am joining as an officer by the way.
  4. As an officer it does really matter, the ones that spring to mind are:

    9/12L (used to recruit from blackheath)
    2RTR (peoples cav)

    mbt or fr?
  5. The Household Cavalry are one of your local regiments. Have you considered that? If you are not in Iraq or Afghanistan then Windsor and Knightsbridge are nice. As long as you are fit and a bit smart you get it fairly easy.
  6. Sorry dont know what mbt or fr means.

    I have considered the Household cavalry but im not sure whether I would fit in, not being from an upper class family. Or is this a misconception, that they are all rather posh and hauty??
  7. MBT - CR2

  8. To be honest I really dont know enough about the difference between the two tanks other than one is heavy and the other a light recon tank.

    Is working with one any better than the other, and if so in what way
  9. each has their own role, it would be best to read the RAC forum for specifics
  10. Im really more interested in the kinds of people I might be working with. Is there much difference in the ways regiments to things.
  11. all different backgrounds regimentally, then working in bgs, again working with different units. The question is vague
  12. You'll need to explain it in pictures. He's a civvy and won't understand yet.
  13. That answers it really, ive been told there are some really tight knit regiments that frown upon southerners. Just wanted to find out the validity of this statement.

    For example I have heard good things about the light dragoons but slightly put off by them calling themselves "the northern cavalry".
  14. This is true. I know about the tank but not about the possible pros and cons of working with them.
  15. thats their 'catchment area' for recruiting for want of a better word, I am from London and joined 13/18H, then I was LD, good no excellent guys to be with, u might get some ribbing but you are part of the family, so in reply it doesnt matter where you are from, as long as you can do your job, and manage the guys, you will fit in