What regiment are the soldiers...


Not sure if this is the right place for it, however, I was in a pub the other day and it being a modern place it had a television with music channels on and all that. Any how Zombie by The Cranberries came on and out of nothing more than curiosity I just wondered what regiment the soldiers are from on the video.

Supposedly there were soldiers who were told they were being filmed for a documentary about peace keeping in N.I.

Can anyone shed any light? Even better, was anyone in the video?

Plus that bird is incredible! Anyone on here have her number?!


What regiments were stationed in Belfast in mid 1994 ?
A mate of mine deployed just after the filming.

Apparently many ARE indeed real soldiers but could be from any unit in province at the time, others are actors.

He always maintained the unit that his replaced had been filmed.


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were they not one of the Scottish regiments or possible one of the borders/borderers? i seem to remember seeing a chequered flash on their jackets :?


I re-watched the video and at about the 2 min 55 sec mark of the video you can clearly see the red & white diced flash of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders on the sleeve of the soldier's DPM jacket.

Just to be sure, I checked an A&SHldr website and found that they had been stationed in West Belfast from 6th May to 9th November 1994.


It was the Argyll and Bolton Wanderers. They were at NHSM at the time. (I think). KRH were at Girdwood.

edited beause I can't spell Argyll.


Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The companies based in Fort Whiterock and North Howard Street Mill were both filmed and used in the video. There is an alternative video which is sometimes shown where they have edited the guys out and replaced them with other non military footage.

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