What Reg should i join first

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tictactoe54, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. i want to join the British army next year as a paratrooper but i was thinking that maybe if i joined infantry first then transferred i would be more prepared, what do you think ?

    and by the way when i apply ill be 16
  2. 49 Para are recruiting right now, pop down to your local ACIO and ask.
  3. X59

    X59 LE

    These poor attempts to start a capbadge bitch fest are becoming an almost weekly feature.

    Been done to death.

    Must try harder.
  4. Telling your Infantry Training Centre instructors that you see their capbadge as nothing more than a stepping stone on your journey to becoming an airborne super-soldier is something that I would definitely recommend. If I were you I'd track down anyone at the rank of WO2 or above and tell them at the top of your voice that you are Airborne Death personified.
  5. And while your at it change your user name to "super death kill commando" it'll impress us more.
  6. Try the cubs or boys brigade
  7. This mob just love* pert-bottomed, smooth-thighed teenagers;


    *carnally, and as frequently as possible.
  8. I think that this a first rate plan and shows wonderful planning skills!

    In fact, I think you should take it even further and get a prominent Maroon Machine tattoo as soon as possible. I recommend the forehead as a good location for said tattoo.

    You should also revise for your interview by studying Battle Picture Weekly, Rambo movies, the A team and Soldier of Fortune and tell them of your plan.

    In case you are the "missing link"
    PS Do not follow this advice as I am taking the piss! Apply direct to the paras as the younger and fitter you are the better!
  9. Can't argue with bing posted to the centre of Rome though!
  10. Women's auxiliary balloon corps. You'll be one step ahead from the other baby paras as you'll know if your ears go pop the first time up.
  11. They take gingers too! See, there's one right there, standing behind the one who's clearly looking for cock.
  12. Funnily enough the Swiss Guard is actally a great gig! One of my relatives was posted to the Holy See as a diplomat and reckons its the best Army to join in the world! Good pay, VERY cheap booze and smokes,tonnes of impressionable American and Italian totty floating about and zero possibilty of ever having to fight any bugger.
  13. The competition must be fierce, and it must be a hard unit to get into as well.
  14. If your surname is Golden then I suggest you try the FFL........:)