What recruited you to the TA

What recruited you or made you aware of it?

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Just read

Wingletang said:
It's not the job of the soldier to RECRUIT!!!! (gnashing of teeth)

but thats what recruited me. Although the TA is so much smaller know I'd be surprised if it was still true.

Mates in the ATC and free newspaper recruited me but whats everyones else's


For cadets and Internet, I was going to go into more detail. If you pick these options please expand with a post, especially if this site made you join



I do not see why it is not the soldiers job to recruit. Better the friends of the serving soldiers coming in on the basis of the shop floor view than someone fed a "more pepper" advertising campaign and PSAO's drive to recruit for OJAR purposes.

I know which one I think is more likely to stay the distance.

I wanted to join so i looked in the phone book and found the nearest location of the unit I wanted to join.
I always though about a career in the army, but was having too much fun on the tools and earning too much money. Packed it all in, moved 300miles north, got a decent job, mucked about on the Army website, found a TAC 5miles from my door, went the next evening.
4months later, got attested last week! Fcuking work....Should've joined the reg's!


War Hero
I was in the Cadets and set to join the regular army. I ended up at college so decided to join the TA whist I finished my course.

Then I found I was doing around 150-200 days a year anyway and had a girlfriend so decided to wait a while.

Waited a bit longer, and a bit longer again.

By the time I joined the Regs (Royal Navy) I was already married with a daughter and after five years had had enough of being away all the time, so signed off. Within a year I was back in the TA.

From the day I first joined I never intended to stay in the TA it just turned out that way.



I did my three years at an OTC and then wanted to carry on with the TA. With hindsight i should have joined a TA Group A unit to begin with!
Approached by TA after leaving Regs.


Heard an advert on the radio friday morning. It asked if it was another boring week at work? (yes of course it was). It then asked if i was going to spend my weekend in the pub? (do bears sh*t in the woods!! yes again). It then advertised there were better things to do on a weekend.

... never looked back since joining.
Jacked out of regular phase 1 many moons ago. Didn't realise what a dick I'd been until there was too much real life in the way to join the regs again. Cue the TA...


War Hero
Anecdotally it seems that, whereas 10 years ago most of our recruits came in on the back of mates tales of derring do etc. Now they are responding to advertising.

One way of interpreting this is that the advertising is working now where it wasn't 10 years ago; this plus the op tempo and profile of the Army as a whole means that more people without connections are making their way to the TACs.

The other way of interpreting it is that those who are in are less able to 'sell' the TA to their friends. Again 10 years ago it was a case of "We'll go away for the weekend and play with our main piece of kit, there's none of the admin you get with the regs. At the end of the weekend the beer's really cheap. Come and give it a try, it's not like they're going to send you to war or anything!" I suppose the beer is still cheap but what can we honestly say to attract potential recruits amongst our mates and colleagues?

As for what recruited me? I remember I was very drunk... an older man with a decanter of port... possibly a massage parlour and some photographs... did I say I was very, very drunk... it all seems so long ago...
I have no excuse. :oops: (Other than a mate's dad who was collecting £5 recruiting bounties).
I joined because I didn't have any cash. Twenty two years later I'm still in and I still haven't got any cash!.

But in answer to your question, think it was an add in the local paper.
Girlfriend at the time suggested I give a go. Come to think of it her previous boyfriend joined the regs.

Wonder if she was on commission?.



Joined the regs, came out, now in the TA but re joining after my medics courses are complete, bit of a big circle really...
I sort of recruited myself with a bit of help from the TA. I had been thinking about it for a bit when I saw the QOY's CVR(t)s up in the Yorkshire Wolds. It looked like fun and it was. (It still is)
Because I actually wanted to do something worthwhile. Or is making a difference and wanting to serve your country a somewhat outdated concept nowadays?

I wanted a challenge as well.
It's not outdated ... just rarefied.

I was recruited because I wanted to do something different, get a taster of what life would be like in the regs, and earn a little cash on the side.

A few years in, those certainly aren't the reasons I've stayed - I've little intention of going regular (a handful of tours will suffice) and it's nothing to do with the money.

I'm glad I came - I never would've met some of my best mates had I not, and would've never felt the satisfaction of a good challenge, or been inspired to have this almost tangible sense of professionalism and pride.

It took me a while to write this post, as I've tried to think exactly what I would've said to myself 3 years ago to try and recruit me;

"Try it, join it, work for it and see what you get out.
You'll get out more than what you put in.
You'll learn about yourself, about other people, about life, humour, pain and satisfaction.
You'll get paid and fed, but we'll make few promises about sleep.
You'll go to places and see some sights few other men will see.
There are highs and lows, and be wary of sensationalising this. There'll be tedious bits and boring bobs - but when you look back you'll remember the best moments.
You'll meet a great cross-section of society. You'll meet some of your best mates who you never would've met. You'll meet some bastards too. You'll meet some great people you'll only ever meet once.
Put enough into it and you'll become a better person; fit, sharp and confident. You'll learn a little about mental and physical discipline, professionalism and leadership. After it all, you can be proud."

I think that's pretty much what I'd say ... although, I still think I'm pretty fresh, and I've no idea if any other people will agree. Just for interest, what would other people say to themselves 1 month before they walked into the TAC to recruit them?


Newspaper ad for me had just left school trying to get a job and had fail to get in the navy as wasn't mature enough have never looked back. Got my job and into the TA the same week.


War Hero
Left Regs intending joining - didn't.

6 years later wife told me 'why don't you get a hobby' - so i finally got my arrse in gear and signed up. Now waiting for a brown envelope to land on the door mat and she's doing her nut. That'll teach her!


War Hero
Praetorian said:
Because I actually wanted to do something worthwhile. Or is making a difference and wanting to serve your country a somewhat outdated concept nowadays?

I wanted a challenge as well.

I think a wish to serve our country, is somewhere at the back of all our minds, its just the one thing which is, in a way, private so does not tend to get discussed.

On the whole, I would assume, Reservists are rather more patriotic than the average citizen

I was sitting on a bus, depressed and downhearted after being chivvied out of the RAF as part of options for change. I was lucky I guess I had a job and a roof over my head but working 9 to 5 in an office just wasn't cutting the mustard.

I was down, about as far as I've ever been, but then it happened........in from of my eyes from out of nowhere a giant head appeared, smeared in cam cream and with a giant helmet. "Volunteer" it said to me. But I didnt want to join the full time army, it was then I noticed a little Yellow and green logo that said "TA" and a number beside it, I wrote the number down and called it the next day, they promised me the excitement and camarderie I was missing in my drab pre Tony Blairs britain life.

Yes dear reader, the TA saved my life, and it can save yours. :cyclopsani:

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