What really winds you UP.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Brew_Time, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Just interested as to what really winds you folks up, esp with the civdiv population. I'm quite short when it comes to this and I'm wound up quite easy over the stupidest things.

    Got a new neighbour next door and the exhaust pipe on his car is bigger than my drainpipe with mega decibles. His friend is the same and leaves his running in the street. Am I wound up - you FCKN BET I AM.

    BT. :x
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Lack of manners, social skills, and prosocial behaviour generally.

    That said I can be a right obnoxious t**t ;)
  3. Similar thing with me, people who like to drive past my house (on a very quiet street) with their bass turned up.

    Also,the chap across the road who likes to have an o-group with his mate in their front garden,fine no problem, but when his chum has got his car windows open,the drivers door,and the music up full blast,it's a bit much. The really sad thing is, the sad cnut must be 50.

    People who try to get on the train in the morning,before allow passengers to get off. Not rocket science,it's a train,not a tardis.

    Girl in our office who leaves her dirty plate & cup in the sink,and doesn't load the dishwasher. Got sick of it,and threw both offending items away. Panic & tears ensued,as it had some sentimental value.Oops.

    (edited 4 bein a fick kunt)
  4. when im trying to finish an assigment, and a girl that 5mins ago was moaning that the internet was down, and she cant do her 'fecking work' is 5mins later, when the internet is working watching lee evens, and laughing as loud as she could with out her head blowing up...

    ok not the biggest problem in the world... but realy got on my tits today...

    edited to add... TITS on mopeds on the paths going 40mph, at night with no lights on...
  5. I don't lke being pulled over on dual carraigeways by motorcycle policemen, being made to stand against the car and having my anus three finger fcuked to climax whilst trainee policemen and office staff watch on.

    Finding dead otters and nitros oxide tanks in my bread bin irritates me too
  6. Nigs and warm beer.
  7. Ignorant day dreamers, pushing there trolleys round the supermarket, oblivious to everybody else trying to shop :x

    Two seater push chairs, resembling range rovers, being pushed by Vicky Pollard, gossing on there phone, In shops. :x :x
  8. So called '3rd generation' Irish-Americans telling me that the Brits should get out of Ireland as they have no right to be there!
  9. People using the wrong fecking word!
  10. sorry double post!!

  11. Sorry.
  12. Say that again?
  13. driver who stop at empty roundabout drives me nuts
  14. which driver? What roundabout?
    All drivers? All roundabouts?
  15. So called 'experts' giving duff info:

    The bloke down the building supplies told me that Lime 'destroys everything'

    It doesn't - in fact it has quite the opposite effect - I shall have to move house now, which is most inconvenient. =(