What rat-pack type meals do you use?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RezzaDue, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    After reading the review on the wayfayrer ready to eat meals, I wondered what other weird and wonderful alternatives you buggers on arrse use. Even it just helps the odd lurker but more as a way to consolidate the info that is spread all over the site. [Have used the search function, with no results for a thread like this].


    Here are some of the examples given already:

    Ideas/ Tips:

    So if you have any other ideas, tips or food products you use for out in the hills, walks etc post them and will make sure to add them to the above list.
    Have to thank the above posters for their information on the products.
  2. I usually take couscous when I'm fishing or camping. Add water and you've got a meal. If you're able to cook you can add to it easily. Gets boring after 6 days of it though.
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  3. The old favourite was dried egg noodles to which you can add anything from stock cubes to fresh meat and veg. The only downside over boil in the bag is that there's a pan to wash. By the way, it was a surprise to read (on here) about the water used to heat boil in the bag meals not being suitable for making a brew- so are you supposed to waste the water?
  4. I've always used mattesons pork sausage and pepperami great to munch. Mixed nuts also full of energy. Smash is also good. I used to put curry and chilli powder in 35mm film cases. Pork scratchings are loaded with salt if you're doing loads of excercise or it's a hot place and more fun than electrolyte replacement drinks. Carnation now sell condensed milk in tubes.
  5. Heinz do several varieties of pasta meals that boil in the bag - £1.50ish a pop at Tesco. Again, not a huge amount of food tho, maybe cook two at a time ! CousCous - umpteen bagged/flaouvoured varieties on the shelf. Seconding " look what we found" as good scran.

    Not good - Anything dehydrated. Taste like cardboard in my experience, anything that uses MRE type heaters - only OK if you like tepid food that takes ages to warm up. Boil in the bag is deffo the way to go, for shortish trips. Longer trips I'm going to need a bit of basecamp, three courses, real food !
  6. Hehehe ;)
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  7. Hmm beanfeast is good add chilli powder or curry.
  8. You haven't experienced real flatulance until you've had Beanfeast for the first time :)
  9. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Agree with the bags of fruit and nut for energy

    Hadn't thought of pork scratchin's as 'good' food take... Now I can eat them guilt free!

    I also try to add a couple tins of fruit in fruit juice (pineapple, pears etc). You can normally find them with ring pull tops so no tin opener needed, they're super refreshing, good for you and feels like luxury compared to rations.
  10. Light and quite tasty, easy to add loads of different flavours to them.
  11. My grandad used to train greyhounds and he fed them pork scratchings but no idea in what quantity. Good snacking.
  12. Bannock campfire bread, plenty of recipes out there for bannock.

    I put all the ingredients into a ziplock (then put that into another ziplock, just in case) which allows dry pre-mixing by hand and then you can add the water to the bag and mix it and just dump it into a cook pot.

    I put sugar and loads of raisins into my mix and then just as the cooking is finishing pour some rum [or similar] over the bread.

    Note: Some recipes add powdered milk, some don't. I always drop in a 1/2 cup as it can only add energy.

    Fatty Mears shows how.....takes a minute to get to it:

    Bannock Cooking - YouTube
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    News to me, where did you read that ?

    Reference the dehydrated graze, we 'obtained' a load of Norwegian rations in Afg & they're fcuking mega.
  14. The nearest I've ever got to camping, is visiting various festivals. Tinned goods, Beans, Sausages, Bacon grill and a loaf. For energy I tend to consume as much alcohol a possible. And I dread the thought of spending a night in the good old outdoors. Fcuk that!
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  15. Arrgh! Having worked for Raleigh International in Costa Rica for six months I don't think I could face the stuff ever again, and I wasn't even out in the field for extended periods.

    Genuinely believe Blashers was in league with the makers of Beanfeast :wink:
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