What Rank was this RAF Officer



I gave them to a museum and I don't want to rely on my own effort at googling
They are Squadron Leader's rank slides of various types.


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Sqn Leader, or 'Kevin'
Because Kevin's a Squadron Leader which is like a major.

All of the Squadron Leaders are called Kevin? Odd that, like walking into an Irish establishment looking for Mick or Paddy. I'd have thought they'd get the odd Colin and Reginald in.


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don't be silly, Wing Commanders are Reginalds, Flight Lt's are Colins. it gets confusing as they change their names to match their rank, think of the problems room service have.

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As you can see by the array of types of rank slides, the original owner (yes, a Squadron Leader) did a permanent tour in a tropical or warm-weather location (the rank slides on KD material). Very few serving RAF personnel these days would own the rather smart set of Tropical Mess Kit rank boards; from a reputable tailor, a set would cost c £120. To get all my uniforms re-ranked for my last warm-weather posting cost about £350; the mess kit rank boards were given to me, fortunately. The style of the other slides - individual braid for ranks separately stitched on to the backing material (first 3 left) would indicate they date from before the 1980s, perhaps.

The owner wasn't Wayne or Kevin. It was Ginger, of course!


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Boom Trenchard had a horse when he was in the army. Which was called the same as Guy Gibson's dog. Only it wasn't so famous....

it is slightly more famous now that it was previously.

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