What questions are asked on your last interview?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by white_rabbit, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi ive got my last interview tommorow, i know i will be asked about my 2 jobs and training. What specifically will be asked any ideas?
  2. If this is the second interview in the army office, then a lot of the question will be the same.

    They tend i assume to go over the same things, so the office manager can get to know you instead of reading about you over a bit of paper. Also I guess it judges if you were bullshitting or not when you had you first interview.

    He/She will likely ask how you run times are going, and heaves etc. He might get into a bit of detail about asking about the regt or corp you wish to join. If you know your stuff and your not lying then theres nothing to worry about.
  3. cheers geordie im at the durham one and it is 2nd..yeah i thought thats what would happen thanks for the confirmation :wink:
  4. Whatever the hell you do, when you have the chair in the office for the interview, do not move it forward, he puts it back from the table for a reason, and greatly dislikes people touching the desk!

    ps dont fidget
  5. hahaha i sat down with him he slagged off the team i support then he shook my hand hand said that he had to write a report all about how great i was now!
    i wasnt bothered about it but i took ages ironing my shirt and getting ready for a 2 min chat! but i dont think thats the way its ment to go!
  6. HMmmmmm :lol: i hope mine is like that...means i wasted £100 on some clothes today mind :roll:
  7. u need a suit and that for selection centre! for ur interview there!
    and for phase1 duno why tho but its on my list!
  8. ye i know but was jsut sayin lol....it is coz u need shirt n tie to get off camp and so you look smart turning up id imagine
  9. i had my basic skills and they said my next interview will be my ice breaker and those questions on the sheet, where do you find that sort of info? no-one has told me what to wear or anything. they said it will be selection prob after this interview, if they can fit it all in one interview or something.
  10. WOAW im 8O :lol: ...well i went in applied ..did basic tests ...had and interview last thursday ...LAST interview is tommorow, then i get sent on selection...thats when you do your ice breaker mate. You should dress smart for your last interview and take a set of smart clothes or a suit to selection! As you will have another interview while there :wink:
  11. i got my last interview next week, going to have to try and remember as much about the corps ill be joining now. He write down on this sheet though itll be my second interview next week when i havent even had my first one!!
  12. good luck :p
  13. i cant find anywhere where the army is in the world, i get alsorts on google but not what i want? got my other ones sorted i think :)
  14. ignore that, ive found em, amasing that everiythings on the army mod website lol. its just figuring out how to find things on there lol
  15. hi, did you find anything about the icebreaker at all?