Hi All,

Thinking about getting into the above when im out. Can anyone help with any info about necessary qualifications. I reckon CPC International and level 5 diploma in logistics and management are bare minimum.

Any help/pointers appreciated.


CPC in either freight or passenger is a must if you want to manage trucks or coaches; the diploma is handy to get through the recruiting agencies (most won't entertain you without one); DGSA is also handy - good luck.


A word of warning mate, remember this advice, if you are the transport manager then some firms will use your CPC [ Certificate Of Professional Competence] to gain an operators licence and you will be responsable for all the drivers misgivings for want of another word, it means you carry the can for their offences and when they get a bad name [ the firm you're working for] will dispence with your services. [ fore warned is forearmed mate. from one who had their own vehicles for a lot of years working both sides of the water.
1: A beer belly, or at the very least, a senior rank overhang. Shows you've spent many an hour at the desk.

2: A driving license. Any points? Yes? Good. Shows you've been driving.

3: Abrupt attitude. can you act like you're p!ssed off, 24/7? Have an obnoxious tone in your voice that sends your sub-ordinates mad? Then you've got the management skills required.

Looks like solid criteria, unless you were in Logisitics, good luck!

Don't want to urinate on your bonfire but the biggest hurdle you will find is a company willing to take you on at managerial level without commercial accumen. Even if you have all the correct qualifications, you may need to start at a supervisory level to build up your experience.

One last thing. At the moment there is an excess of surplus "transport" personnel in certain areas of the country. Do your research before you commit to getting out and opting for this sector.

Any more Q's, please PM me as this is about the only topic that I actually know a bit about.

Good luck



Hi [again]

Take a look at Ebay, there's lots of wagons for sale on there [ tells you something] buy some cheap and you could have your very own little fleet, I remember when our fuel bill was £11,000 a month, then ins, drivers wages, tyres, etc etc, did it for 15 years got out when the tossers who think they're hauliers cut your throat to get work then don't turn up, run on red, no ins, guinness labels for tax discs, need I say more,? be careful. oh, nearly forgot, then there's the RCT. LOL

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