What pushes your buttons in cadets???

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. When I joined the ACF I was a bit full of myself and good old Biscuits AB took me down a peg or two on this forum. I almost had a frontal lobotomy and nearly joined the dark side. Now I am happy to sit back and be an SI until either I get swallowed by a swamp on Holcombe Moor or get told your too old s0d off. I still really enjoy the cadet force, but I content myself with the knowledge that I am helping others achieve their goals. What about you??? :headbang:
  2. Did you really think through your choice of words for the title of this post?
  3. From one ex STAB to the other who gives a FCUK. I don't and that is the whole point of the posting.
  4. Actually (as someone who is strong with the dark side), you've done exactly the right thing. I understand exactly where you're coming from.

    Enjoy what you do and be buggered to the rest!
  5. Good for you. I am aquainted with a lot of very good officers (that should draw some flack) who do a fantastic job, not least my former OC and 2ic in GMACF and my current Company officers. Again, I think that is the whole point. Enjoying what you do, because a. it suits you and you enjoy that side of the work and b. because you're good at it and that means you give the most to the cadets. I would make a crap officer and I had to be reminded that we are a youth organisation. This whole promotion thing is Bow Locks. If I had any sway I would make all AI's privates and they would have to earn their tapes over a comparable number of years to the Regs: None of this a week or two at Frimley and then I can end up as RSMi.
    May the force be with you!
  6. What a load of rubbish, its the ACF. Hello you would not have the instructors if you had to 12 week courses etc and learn irelevent shit. Its fine how it is
  7. Nor should you have 20 year old SMI's. it makes a mockery out of the system.
  8. are but we do and if anything its good for the cadets to have young people to relate to rather than someone old and out of touch. I don't hear Frimley complaining
  9. Not all mature people are old and out of touch, neither are they arrogant enough to think that the system couldn't do with a shake up occasionally. Also some of us have raised our own children and can understand the problems that young people encounter. That's not to say that there is anything wrong with youth. I work with some excellent young instructors, who are both gifted and talented, and do indeed have an excellent rapor with the cadets.
  10. I dont belive that it is possible to be a SMI at the age of TWENTY Judging by your name school Staff Instructor, You are in the CCF and being a SMI at 20 would fit as they dont have any structure or rules. Its the fact that daddys got a job that pays 50k a year more than the lads who are in the ACF's daddys.

    Let me take a stab at your CO being a history teacher who plays cornel for one day a week?

    Rant Over!
  11. No I am an SMI in the ACF and my civvie job is as an SSI, though I am not twenty
  12. A SSi as a civvie job in what context? As in you teach mil subjects, Or you teach teachers?
  13. You run the CCF, admin, prepare training ,book training areas , ECI's etc Do instruction when the kids parade. Its sort of like an SPSI/QPSI for the TA
  14. Do you look as good as your avatar???