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What Purchase of House Stuff Gets you Excited????

What Purchase of House Stuff Gets you Excited????

  • Quilt Covers

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  • Bathroom Stuff

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  • Frying Pans

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blessed baby cakes said:
Big Warm Fluffy Towels 8)


Oh, and Soft Bath Mats.... 8)

Infact, Dale, It makes me want to bath myself........ :wink:
can i watch ? will you be setting up a webcam ? :D
Gunny Highway said:
You ruined the topic Tia !! House plants? I was pulling my pudding reading the thread and you injected 'house plants' !!
Ah ....but..... just picture the scene - lots of houseplants in ones bedroom makes it feel like a jungle - just need to find tarzan !!!

LOL............i should remember not to drink coffee whilst reading in the naafi forum :oops:

and Turp - can you get battery powered cucumbers :?: :lol:

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