What Priority is JPA ??

Have just heard from an Instructor friend of mine that they are goint to lose all of their shiny new computer classrooms (built to teach the infantry BOWMAN and COMBAT) so that JPA training can take place - surely this is madness as they are going to sacrifice operational capability (the ability to communicate) to train for something that is not coming in to service until next year

Anyone in the chain of command like to clarify please ??
An electronic classroom is just a vehicle to deliver software in support of instruction. If the JPA software is loaded within a BOWMAN classroom it does not preclude the teaching of BOWMAN.

What is taught will be decided by the chain of command and it is extremely unlikely that operational requirements will not be met.
What would you prefer? A crap new comms sysytem or getting paid!
believe me training is needed for JPA, my wife is in the Raf and it is a total cluster fcuk. No-one knows the system, they employ agency staff who know nothing, my wife has been in her new posting since Feb and she still has not had her accommodation charges sorted (infact has not had them deducted) despite millions of calls to get it done. Her pay has not been right since Feb and she has not had her claims paid.

JPA next year for you lot - don't hold your breath - pray for something else to happen YOU do not want it - it WILL be a nightmare.

Training training training, no point in going to war if the Fcukers are not paying you correctly.

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