What price a Coup?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 30, 2004.

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  1. Pure speculation............. :x

    No end of New Labour Feck ups over the last 7 years and the increasing sidelineing of Parliament in favour of an unelected socialist elite in increments..................... :wink:
  2. Kill them all. Let their gods decide!

    I am glad you didn't state it had to be bloodless.
  3. Not a bad idea, why dont we have a coup it seems to work in banana republics? I propose a total coup, we take over EVERY thing in the name of HM Queen and Co, hand the reighns over to Her Maj, undo all the c o c k up's of Der Furher Blair (regarding army cuts and disbandments) in increase the forces tenfold :twisted:
  4. And once the forces are enlarged? Re-establish the empire? :D
  5. face it apart from india can't really think of a former possesion that isn't worse off since we left the serrian leones were practicly begging to be ruled by us again. taking spam land back into rightful ownership might be a slight tricky but they are stuck in the sandpit :twisted:
    we also I belive owe the afghans one and of course theres the french :lol: :evil:
  6. Not Agincourt again :lol:
  7. Not nearly as much hassle as Agincourt, just send a couple of air cadets with BB guns to Calais and the frogs will surrender.
    Of course, at the moment tony could go to uncle dubya and tell him that the french have WMDs and support islamic terrorism and he'll sort them out for us.
  8. Allegedly Mountbatten was thinking of it during their last prescence in 1978. Maybe there's somebody else whom the 'people' believe will lead them to sanity and remove this elected dictatorship of tofu eaters 8O

    Who would 'we' follow? How would we know it had started? Who is the sacrificial regiment such as 1 REP in 1960? :evil:
  9. OK where do we sign up for the coup?

  10. ok where do i sing :lol: :D 8)
  11. 114 after the parade today :lol:
  12. hullo 369 rgrds 054 :D
  13. 114 after the parade today :lol:
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Forgive my ignorance or perhaps my relative youth, but who were 1 REP and what did they do or what was done to them that caused such unrest?
  15. Mountbatten and the coup against the Wilson government.
    Ah sumthings never change.
    Even I heard subalterns joking about the possibilities back then.
    But cum on they tried it once, Ollli Cromwell and the major generals.
    PS mind you kicking the frogs could swing it for moi.