What presents did you get that you really didnt want??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sabre, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. Other than the standard new supply of fresh wank socks, and shreddies,
    What is the biggest piece of TAT you have recieved?,
    or even what present did you get , and had to pretend you liked , when you really know it will either be acceidentally lost on Ex or used as a range target??
  2. For some strange reason i got a book on volcano's :?
    Not bad as some things i could think off, but why volcano's i will never know :roll:
  3. Perfume,
    chocolates (from my boss! nice one)

    and someone making sh1tty phonecalls to my mobile :roll:

    I'll swop yer book for that one lol :D
  4. hmmmm chocccy :p
  5. haven't opened my gifts yet...somewhere in there is a mobile phone i think....
  6. a brand spankers leatherman charge ti :roll:

  7. Sorry, Sabre gonna drag this off topic for one post for the present I really DID want - a reason to feel festive this year, and some of you lot have given it. Now pass me my humbugs, Bahh :D
  8. Presents? What's that?? Never had one. Ever.
  9. Awww :( Didn't Bouncer give you one this year?
  10. OK, it wasn't this year (as got some great presents today) but once got a key ring with a stretchy string! Not bad cos needed it for security gates in the office....but when I turned it over it had MOD on it - the cheeky bast ard hadnt even BOUGHT me a present - he'd bloody nicked it from work.

    Oh, and an iron i got one year too - who said romance was dead eh :lol:
  11. not only was it a cr@p gift it was a cr@p girlie gift - fecking perfumed drawer liners!! FFS
  12. Maybe a comment on your eruptions?
  13. I'd give you an iron. Right in the forehead.

    I got ANOTHER telescope. My mum and dad are so observant.
  14. Bitterness is a sad thing Dale

    I can see how I must make you so angry though - what with you being such an ugly yo yo kecks and all that......get over it honey
  15. I would make it a 9 Iron as well. :wink: