What prep should i be doing?

I have been reading loads of threads in this post, and there's loads of excellent advise, so i thought i'd ask a question of my own:

I'm a pretty raw recruit, recently attested and yet to do any recruit training. I'm currently the only new recruit at my squadron as the others who began with me have not bothered to attest and haven't been seen since, so i can't ask them for advice. I haven't met any of the training team yet either, so i don't know who else to ask.

I just want to know what i should be doing at this stage so that i am prepared for all my training. i go running, and while i have a couple of routes that i alternate and aim to improve my times on (one longer route and one shorter), i don't know how far they are or how to find out how far they are.

I also do press ups, sit ups and pull ups, but again not sure what i should be aiming for. At the mo i do 3 sets of 10 push ups as fast as i can, then 3 sets of 5 as slow as i can. i then follow some advice i got from here of doing as many as poss then locking out my arms instead of collapsing, before carrying on. With sit ups, i alternate 20 sit ups and 20 crunches, about 3-4 sets of each. I'm sh1t at pull ups, so at the mo am just doing low reps but loads of sets to try and build up some strength and stamina.

Can anyone give me a bit more direction, esp with the running?
Hi there, firstly well done for signing up. Doing any knid of fitness is a good start before you attend an ATR, you'd be surprised at the ammount of people who turn up for training that haven't bothered to even attempt any fitness. It becomes apparent pretty quickly!!. Try and keep in mind though, that the Army is prepared for this and gradually build you up over a period of time. Keeping yourself in good shape will make your life a lot easier during basic training. As i dont know if you are male/female and have joined a crps/infantry I can only give you a brief outline on the physical side. With regards to running you mentioned that you have two route, one short one long, my advice would be to make the short route shorter and the long route longer. Try to run the short route at a much faster pace with longer strides ,time yourself and keep aiming to beat your best times. On the long route just run it at a steady pace as normal. After a while the fast training on the short route will improve your stamina thereby enabling you to run longer distances with inreased stamina on th long route, thereby improving your overall running ability. Also try to maybe find a fairly steep hill and try to run up it five times. If you really want to get your muscles going, try walking up a hill backwards, you'll soon feel every muscle in your lower body! In conclusion to this fitness rant, don't over do it, warm up and down properly and if you feel any pain at all stop ,rest and start again at a slower pace. At the end of the day the training staff will ensure you are at a good level of fitness by the time you start phase 2. Hope this helps a little, best of luck.
I'm female, and am joining TA not regs (should prob have mentioned this originally). Am joining a Sigs Reg, and the trade i'm thinking of at the mo is CMT, though i have not been able to find out anything about this yet except that my Reg is desperate for them - it has some on the books, but none who actually turn up.

Was running with my fella at first, he's pretty damn fit as he's a booty reservist so I was seeing loads of improvement, and i've got in practice at pushing through pain and keeping going when you feel like your lungs are gonna burst and you're gonna puke everywhere. But he has now deployed, and minus a training partner i'm finding it a bit harder to make improvements so i thought i'd ask for tips!


Being able to run 8 miles with kit whilst still pissed from last night in borrowed uniform and you should be 90% of the way there! To an MD at least!
Is that where I went wrong mummy?
To be honest, and without giving offence if your joining the T.A sigs, a run round the block twice a day will be more than sufficient build up for preliminary training. Makes my original post look a bit silly now does'nt it!! Good luck.
Skinn_Full said:
To be honest, and without giving offence if your joining the T.A sigs, a run round the block twice a day will be more than sufficient build up for preliminary training. Makes my original post look a bit silly now does'nt it!! Good luck.
Sorry!! I didn't mean to make you feel silly!! :oops:

Seriously though, i am reasonably fit, and i do actually want to get fitter (not just scrape through the tests) so the advice is much appreciated. As you suggested i really pushed the short run last night and got my time down, and banged out extra push-ups aswell, so i'm feeling pretty good.

And it's good to know that i shouldn't have a problem with the fitness 8)

Thanks guys!!

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