What Pre JDSSSSSSSSC Course?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Chippie_non_grad, Jan 18, 2002.

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  1. Can someone please clear something up for all of us that haven't done the 'Officer puberty' course yet?
    Is there a pre course, or even a secret module that covers the following:

    -   Development and delivery of a dodgy accent and trying to pass it off as your own from birth, even thouh you sounded more like Derick Trotter than James bond when we knew you at Sandhurst.

    -   The volume and delivery of Career laughter (Yep, we heard you too).

    -   The delusion that 'I am a Captain' is now, or has ever been a decent chat up line on, or off camp.

    -   Surrounding females in pacts of at least six infinately increases your chance of getting into her knickers.

    -   Anyone of below Captain rank or even civves are only put there to get in your way or block up the queue in the Mess (unless they have breasts then see the above).

    -   All Officer Cadets have to salute you, especially if they have breasts.

    I realise that some of these questions may be difficult to answer but they have confused many fellow pre-pubescent Ofiicers formany years.

    P.S  Who ever thought up this site is definately in the wrong job and should be on the Queens birtday honours list, and given a proper job
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  2. IS this behaviour confined to certain regiments or is it a sad trend across the board?
  3. Seems to be most prevalent among Infantry, closely followed by the Corps.

    Cav and Guards have always done it!
  4. True, but we in the Cav do it better.
  5. So I guess that confirms the views expressed across the boards that the RAC lead the way and the rest are all wannbes!!!
  6. Chippie_non_grad,
    Thanks for the honours list recommend, failing that we'd just like big lumps of dosh please! As for the day job well.... fortunately life is pretty slack at the moment!

    As for the pre-JCSC training you forgot a few more useful techniques:

    1. Knifing your 'mates' whilst smiling at them (best done in front of CO/DS)!
    2. Pretending you understand doctrine through liberal use of made up but military sounding words ( I think this might be another topic).
    3. Ability to ignore any G1 aspects (career management, welfare, etc) for your troops on the grounds they may hinder your promotion.
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  7. or G2, G4, G5 or G6 issues... its OK though because we have got battle group tactics for the infantry and cavalry... but we won't examine that.. the infantry and cavalry keep failing that bit and we can't have the best blokes not going to staff college...

    I am sure it said cynical in my report.... I wonder why?  
  8. chippy-fella... where can I find these "women in packs of six"? Sounds like a brilliant invention.  Just remember to disposecarefully of that plastic-thingy that holds them together .

    Save the baby seals!
  9. I'm sure if you go down the Naafi you'll find more than a pack of six. Just wait until a Regiment is deployed and all the husbands are away.
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    Necro post this @Cregg Bristle . This also had potential I just don't understand why it didn't become a NAAFI classic.
  12. You must be a CO by now
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  13. Must be something in the air making all these old threads spring into life
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    I'm just a bad influence, I wanted to necro post the oldes thread I could find and this is it.
  15. It's just people occupying their time until @ACAB comes up with tonight's thread :)
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